It’s been ten years.

Ten years since the Portland Pilots have defeated the Gonzaga Bulldogs in men’s basketball.

Even then, the Pilots haven’t beat the Zags on their home court in Chiles Center since 1996.

How’s that for an underdog story?

image from Oregon Live

At the beginning of the season, when I started as the UP Men’s Basketball Social Media intern, I knew that I wanted a framing device for the season to come.

What better way to find a framing device than to figure out a hashtag to completely own on every social media platform possible?

From this idea, a beautiful thing was born: #YouDidntSeeThisComing.

Since game one, this hashtag has evolved from being simply a hashtag to a definition of the Portland Pilots team.

With each victory, it was a laugh in the face to everyone who doubted the team or underestimated their passion, just one step closer to cementing the fact that not only was the team going to shock any and all, but they were going to do it with flair and incredible talent.

What was expected to be another blow-out for the nationally ranked #17 Gonzaga Bulldogs – as they faced a team that they had not only beat multiple times, but 20 straight times in the past 10 years – turned out to be the ultimate proof of how far the Pilots have come this season.

In short, a true show of #YouDidntSeeThisComing. Can you say #UpsetAlert?

image from Roman Pierce

The best part about the game?
Sure, rushing the court when the buzzer finally went off was pretty bad ass, and Korey Thielke’s sweet two-handed dunk was DOPE. But the very best part of the game (for me, at least) was the fact that not only did we beat Gonzaga, but we SOLIDLY DEFEATED them.
From the tip-off to the stormed court, Gonzaga trailed by at least four points the entirety of the game (and at one point, by as much as 17 points). Never once did they pull ahead or even match our points. And honestly, they looked terrible. While the Pilots were raining threes and grabbing their own rebounds, the Zags were struggling from even turning the ball over.
image from Jim Beseda 

If you need further proof, be sure to check out the highlights (and see Korey’s MASSIVE dunk!) on ESPNU, and follow me as I document everything about the incredible game in Chiles last night on the UP Men’s Basketball Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Page.

And, these top ten moments from last night. Enough said.

image from Gat Bol

image from Oregon Live


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