welcome to the new RISING #GIRLBOSS!

Well hey! Whether you came here from risinggirlboss.blogspot.com, welcome to the new home of Rising #GIRLBOSS. If you’re finding this through my social media and are new here, welcome to the official website of Julia Jean Kennedy!

That would be moi. 😉

image via manny santiago

If you’re totes new here, you’ll find in these pages everything from documentation of my various travels (latest, I was in Peru last summer), Twitter roundups from episodes of The Bachelor, random articles and tidbits found throughout the interweb, and an endless supply of Harry Potter references.

Plus, occasional tips for scoring a sweet internship, sports travel adventures (video coming soon!), and, of course, pictures of my cats.

Basically, all my documentation on my journey to become a #girlboss – rising #girlboss, if you will.

Stay awhile, my friends! It’s gonna be a wild ride.

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Julia Jean Kennedy

Julia Jean Kennedy

Preferring basketball over barbies, travel over tutus, and almost any chatter that could somehow relate back to Harry Potter, Julia is always game for a beer and an impromptu booking of a ticket to a game, country, or even the latest Fast and Furious movie. Here, find random thoughts, tidbits about trips, and occasionally Seattle Seahawks propaganda.

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