weekend digestions 9.7.14

While last weekend was the perfect lazy weekend you could ever ask for (ah thank ya, Labor Day), this weekend was hectic as ever. Graduate school is finally kickin’ in, and SK and I finally have some super awesome projects to work on (AKA practice for our inevitable tv shows that we’ll have in 5 years, tops). We did some fancy filming of SK making like Ussain Bolt and running lightning speed down a track, while I took on the persona inspired by Michael Scott circa basketball episode (bippity boppity, show me the zoppity).

I also balled it up – like there is anything new here. But there is! I joined a women’s soccer league and we played our first game today. I forgot how good it feels to work as a team and kick a ball around, and occasionally get angry with the ref and temporarily hate the opposite team if they push your teammates around. #loyal #WHATWASTHATCALLREF.

#tbt to little-ol’-junior-in-high-school-me, after winning the state championship in Washington!

The internet was a fantastic way to unwind after all these crazy errands, and here were the golden nugs of the World Wide Web that I enjoyed more than a normal person:

This story about two deer who casually trotted across the Golden Gate Bridge. Even wildlife needs a break, kay?

This heartbreaker about a K9 dog who sacrificed his life for his partner, and the funeral that was held for him. Deep, deep, beautiful tears about this.

This tearjerker about an 18-year-old who had his collegiate football dreams dashed when he got cancer – and what the University of Michigan did about it. I just can’t. This is why I love sports.

These 10 smart moves every 20-something should make. I wish I read this the day I turned 20, so I could’ve had a 2 year headstart.

And finally, JK Rowling’s response to Twitter user who tweeted at her about his disappointment after she announced Dumbledore is gay. Literal PERFECTION. But what else would you expect?

What were your favorite digestions from this weekend?
Food and Buzzfeed articles are greatly welcomed.

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