weekend digestions 9.28.14

Nobody likes you when you’re 23…. except all of the lovely people who wished me happy birthday today! So shoutout to everyone who gave a shoutout to me on this here day of my birth. 23 doesn’t seem so bad when I have such incredible friends. #blessed (not used ironically)

My birthday weekend was spent with new friends, my delicious little kitty cats, and in Barnes & Noble (literally). Here were my favorite snippets from the internet.

These 15 of the most empowering things Emma Watson has ever said. My obsession with her only grows with each day I live and there’s no signs of it ever slowing down.

These 17 fall activities all basic girls love. No shame.

These 12 times Leslie Knope totally nailed being a feminist. If you weren’t a fan of Amy Poehler before – which, if you weren’t, never speak to me in real life – you definitely will be now.

These 27 times Grey’s Anatomy made me sob uncontrollably. May or may not have wept while simply reading this post.

These 18 of the best wilderness photos from the Smithsonian’s “Wilderness Forever” Photo Contest – not just because four of them were taken in the Pacific Northwest (three of which in my homestate of Washington – what’s up!), but because nature is pretty bad ass.

This article about why Saturday Night Live writers depend on Kenan Thompson will make you fall in love with Kenan all over again – without the help of Kel (ORANGE SODA!).

And to end with a bang, these Snapechats – I mean, Snapchats – that are ALL ABOUT HARRY POTTER. I KNOW. Jesus take the wheel…

What did you do this weekend?
Any snippets from the internet you think I should have included?

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