weekend digestions 9.14.14

This week was a trying one, my friends. From the suicide of my iPhone on Tuesday (Bacon dove into a porta pottie after a few tough years together… RIP) to my soccer team’s loss today on the pitch (5-1… but hey, I scored the sole goal we had! woo!), I needed some wins. Not to mention, the disgusting debacle going on with the NFL and Ray Rice, and the fact that a video was needed in order for justice to be served (and it still isn’t even what was deserved). (If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about, check out this article.)

Alas! Let’s not bring the mood down. There were a few redeeming happenings of this week that I refuse to let go by without acknowledgement. A group of fellow Brasilians and I went to the Brasil vs. Ecuador game at Met Life Stadium on Tuesday, I met someone who lived in my hometown for a few years (shoutout to Yakima, WA!), and I finally got my phone replaced AKA I can finally take selfie snapchats again.

at the Brasil v. Ecuador game! photo by the wonderful Taci, who invited me to the game with her!
with my new boyfriend that i met after the win – notice the red smudge on my cheek? that’s from a smooch i received from an Ecuadorian! much like the one i am giving this poor balloon man.

Here are the other small things that made my week a little less sucky.

This dog who is the last surviving search dog for 9/11 was recognized on The Today Show. Beautiful, beautiful tears.

This vlogger who did an incredible video asking LGBTQ people, “If you could choose to be gay or straight, what would you choose?” Eye-opening.

This commentary by VP Joe Biden about domestic abuse and violence against women. Perfect.

This lip-sync of T-Swift’s “Shake It Off”… done by the frattiest frat guys who could ever frat. Yeah, it’s just as hilarious as you think it is.

And lastly, this video that my amazing roommate Slaine featured me in as a kick-ass soccer player who defeated Mia Hamm at the age of 3 in a game of pickup soccer. Boom.


What were your favorite reads from this weekend?
How do you rewind from a long week?

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