weekend digestions 5.11.15 // mother’s day weekend

happy mother’s day weekend to everyone! if you’re reading this post, then you have a special lady in your life who has done unspeakable things to get you to where you are today. now is the time to thank her and simultaneously apologize for all of the insane things you put her through (and currently still do).

As for me? #SorryMom, about that time I shoved cat food up my nose and you had to take me to the emergency room to get it sucked out.

In other news, I graduated from the best university in the world a year ago – my amazing alma mater, University of Portland! And it seems my love affair with UP has been rewarded, as they decided I would grace the May section of their calendar with a shot from that very graduation. #blessed #ISolemnlySwearThatI’mUpToNoGood

Additionally, my kickass roommate was offered a job on the spot at her interview (YAY SLAINE!). May has turned out to be pretty great so far.

Now, for the internet content dump. Excuse the lateness on many of these articles – they’ve just been waiting to be shared with the world!

I am chronically late for most things – and I’m sure this is the pain felt by my friends left waiting.

These 11 emotional stages of what it’s like trying to explain to someone what feminism really is. If only it ended a different way.

These 17 lion vines that actually just might kill me softly with their cuteness – LIKE REAL LIFE SIMBAS, GUYZ.

The dress argument is old news now, but the Salvation Army put a great spin on it that brings to light the ever important domestic violence issue. Why is it so hard to see #blackandblue?

Even ss a huge fan of college basketball and more specifically, March Madness, I can still appreciate the humor and hypocrisy that represents the tournament. John Oliver is genius in Last Week on Tonight!

As if you needed any more reasoning that #whoruntheworldGIRLS: men owe women for creating beer. You’re welcome world.

These 25 struggles that every ENFP faces – true. to. it’s. core.

This March Madness tournament centered on bringing awareness to endangered species – obviously the tournament is over now, but head on over to get the low-down on species that need help today.

A definitive ranking of the saddest / most emotional Glee performances over its five seasons. If you aren’t in the mood for weeping, avoid this article.

Unless you’ve been living under an actual rock, since the release of Blackfish, SeaWorld has been under attack for their less than humane ways of treating their whales. They tried using Twitter to connect with fans – and it completely backfired.

One more March Madness article – this endearing Wisconsin Badger, Nigel Hayes, thought his mic was off in a press conference when he called a reporter beautiful. Embarrassment and adorableness ensues.

The Royal Princess has been born! Welcome to the world, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! Read all about the meaning behind the name.

And of course, no post is ever finished without a reference to the great Wizarding World of Harry Potter (and it’s mashed up with Friends – WIN WIN PEOPLE).

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