weekend digestions 2.8.15

This was a long week. It felt ungodly long, to be honest. For some reason, last Monday (which was a snow day) felt like it was weeks ago! It’s crazy how weeks can drag on. And yet… it’s already February. Conflicting.

image via the-toast

These paintings of women rejecting marriage proposals in Western art history. “Look, I’m just gonna be honest with you… no.”

These books that you need to read before the movie adaptations come out (or before you go to see the movie, if it’s already out). Mockingjay, Insurgent and 50 Shades of Grey are the obvious choices… branch out and pick one you haven’t heard of!

This reaction of passengers on a train in Chicago when a guy was non-stop harassing a woman about getting her number. I DON’T WANT NO SCRUBS

This workout that I will most likely won’t (read: never) be able to accomplish, even if I was a tiny 12-year-old gymnast. Nope. I’ll just listen to the song and call it good.

These signs that your party girl life is over… are way too accurate for my life. BRB CRYING and mourning the death of my party-girl-lifestyle.

These awesome photoshopped photos of celebs with their younger selves is srsly too genius. And kinda diggin’ that modern Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock look just as good as their younger selves – go gurls!


What were your favorite bits of the internet this week?
How are your Bachelor brackets doing?

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