weekend digestions 1.31.15 // super bowl XLIX edition

The day has almost come again. Tomorrow, my blessed Hawks of the Sea will battle in the deserts of Arizona against the Patriots of New England.

It’s all come down to this, #HawkNation. Time to go into Beast Mode and finish those hot-headed Pats off along with their small (foot) balls. Prepare yourself adequately with the best nuggets of the internet – all themed blue and green.

image via Russell Wilson

This personality quiz to see which Seahawk you are. It’ll be the most important personality quiz you take to date, trust me. (I got Richard Sherman – duh.)

This selfie video that captures the true emotional roller coaster every Seahawks fan was on two weeks ago when we pulled from behind and beat the Packers. You might just cry.And then relive the actual moment here, with the reaction from the whole crowd. CHILLS, PEOPLE.

This bet between Chris Pratt (Hawks fan) and Chris Evans (Pats fan) that has no losers. If the Seahawks win, Evans has to visit Seattle Children’s Hospital as Captain America, waving the 12th Man flag. If the Pats win, Pratt has to visit Christopher’s Haven as Star Lord in a Brady jersey. Too much good feelz, guys.Still need more good feels? Then you need this video of 12s at Seattle Children’s – it will literally melt your soul, especially if you’re a Pats fan and it’s frozen over because of Winter Storm Juno.

This video of Hawks’ Wide Receiver Bryan Walters asking the real questions we want to know from his teammates on Media Day. Some of the best snippets: “My back is really sweaty right now, and I’m looking forward to a nap.” “There you have it, Bobby Wagner likes puppies.” “I got asked what my Marshawn-one-liner would be. I said, ‘I don’t know.'”

This checklist for every Hawks fan before the big day, to be prepared in every way possible for total and utter domination. Holyyyy catfish!

This article proving that Kam Chancellor is a bad man. Please stay away from him. “I’m all for football being a physical game but we have to start admitting that letting mutants from the X-Men into the game is too far.”

This face-off between Marshawn Lynch and the Gronk with Conan, basically a prediction of how the Super Bowl will go – AKA Marshawn wins. DUH.


L E T ‘ S . G O . H A W K S ! 

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