weekend digestions 12.7.14

Another hectic week gone by, another week closer to Christmas. (TWO WEEKS AWAY GUYZ) It’s our final week of grad school for the year of 2014. Dayum. Wasn’t it just September?Cue that Dr. Suess quote, “How did it get so late so soon? / It’s night before it’s afternoon. / December is here before it’s June. / My goodness how the time has flewn. / How did it get so late so soon?”

Here were the best bits of the internet.

These tinder guys unknowingly answer Carrie Bradshaw’s questions from “Sex and the City.” The last guy? Hit me up!

This video of the adorably hilarious Anna Kendrick getting locked out… after an amazing shopping spree at the impeccable Kate Spade. Fun ensues.
This too honest account of being a feminist in a world that is afraid of the world “feminism.” This article sums it up too perfectly.
This dog, named Beanz, who is my new favorite corner of social media. LIKE JUST STOP. SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE.
These things that basically were the shiz when we were hip-hoppity teens in the 2000s. Holla at my Razr, y’all! Also. The peace sign.
This interesting article about the limits of friendship – and how we think we are pushing the limits with social media and the internet, when we could be destroying them.

These dogs (and one cat) having the freakin’ times of their lives at the beach after graduating from their training programs. TOO MUCH HAPPY IN ONE VIDEO THE CAT SWIMS GUYS!

These way too true posts from Tumblr that describe how terrifying adulthood really is. Stay strong, my fellow young adults.

These suggestions for what you could do when you are in Portland, OR – AKA the best time of your life! MISS YOU PDX.

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