weekend digestions 11.30.14

Oh dear lawd. It has been twenty whole days since my last post because dayum, life gets busy.

So I’ve got quite the collection of links for you to digest – which, understandably, could be difficult if you’re still reeling from this last Thursday. STAY STRONG, MY FRIENDS. And make yourself a nice leftover-turkey sandwich.

How was my Thanksgiving? I know you didn’t ask, but I’m gonna tell you anyways. My lovely parents were able to fly me home via Portland, aka I stalked my alma mater University of Portland and all of my bad ass college friends. I spent all day Monday terrorizing current students, eating as much amazing Portland food as possible, and drinking 4 separate servings of delicious Northwest coffee.

For realz tho – how can you NOT be obsessed with this?!

AND THIS. GUYZ. BISCUITS WITH FRIED CHICKEN, PICKLES, MUSTARD AND HONEY. (From the amaze-balls Pine State Biscuits on Alberta Street in Portland, OR.)

And then arriving home in Yakima, Washington to THIS? Yeah. I’m pretty spoiled.

On to the links!

These big-batch cocktails to make for your family on Thanksgiving – #oops, a couple of days off. But hey, make these for your friends and be praised 4 EVER.

These HILARIOUS text messages that I was actually crying about, I was laughing so hard. Not an exaggeration people. PECAN PIE.

This video of the Dude Perfect guys with Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson doing trick shots. If you didn’t love them before, you definitely will now. And if you don’t now… seriously, who are you? (PS – want more of the Dude Perfect guys?

Here’s another sick video they did, but with bows and arrows! SUP KATNISS.)

These instagrams if Hermione Granger had one… love her #mcm of Ron, obviously, and Ron and Harry’s respective comments.

This story of a woman who met a paralyzed dog on a beach in Thailand… and what she did about it. BRB WEEPING

This new rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, but with the most adorable children you could ever imagine. Plus, Idina Menzel and Michael Buble? Killer.

On a more serious note – a piece from the Rolling Stone on the struggle for justice and the insane amount of brutal assault on UVA’s campus. A tough read, but a good one. So glad they could expose something this hideous.

On a lighter note – 18 adorable puppies on their first day of police work. DYING.


How was your Thanksgiving?
What’s your favorite thing to eat every Thanksgiving?
Share your favorite foods / recipes below!

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