weekend digestions 10.26.14

This weekend was an exhausting but exciting one. My roomie Slaine and I trained to Manhattan on Saturday for a gal’s day spent in the city, obvi shopping and pretending like we were stars in “Gossip Girl.” Except the less expensive version. With beer and macaroni.

First stop was for a delish late lunch in Bryant Park, which is way ahead of the curve for the holidays. There was an ICE SKATING RINK there people. Halloween hasn’t even happened yet! But hey. I’m kinda okay with it because it was beautiful, and I’ve never seen people ice skating in sunlight and 60 degree weather.

Mmm, beer.

We lunched at Southwest Grill in Bryant Park, which is seriously adorable. It’s actually like being on a homey porch, that 25 other people just happen to be enjoying as well. Plus, in relation to other restaurants in NYC, the prices were pretty sweet: beers start at $8, and food at $9. I KNOW. Steals.

But I definitely took a fair amount of time to relax and chill out – read: surf the web. And boy, there were some gems out there this weekend, my friends. Here were my fave corners of the internet. ~ SO MANY GOODIES YOU GUYZ ~

This Shine Theory, on why powerful women make the greatest friends. I could not agree any more with every single thing in this article. The best quote? “Surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by comparison. It makes you better.”

This article on why How To Get Away With Murder is the most progressive show on television. Gay sex, strong women, and diversity? If you aren’t watching this show yet, now is the time.

The ultimate #GIRLBOSS herself saying that a “sense of entitlement is a healthy thing.” If the goddess herself says it, you better believe it.

This article calling out those who mourn for Robin Williams but make fun of Amanda Bynes. Mental illness isn’t a spectacle – it’s a disease. It’s time we treat it like one.

This app that shames you for how many times you check your phone in one day. I’m not for shaming, but this is one exception. Only use if you’re ready for the amount of shame AKA the motherlode. Genius.

These bossin’ little “princesses” who drop f-bombs for feminism. So perfect in every way. “FUCK THAT SEXIST BULLSHIT!”

This article about why quirky Portland is winning the the battle for college grads. You’re welcome! Let me know when you move to Portland too. 🙂

These 23 songs that take me back to middle school so hard. I was no emo kid but, dayum, blast from the past! “Check Yes Juliet” was mah JAM. Going on listening 50 times of listening to that playlist…

These Leighton Meester quotes will inspire and revitalize you. Can we just be her, already? #girlpower


What did you do this weekend?
Got any great pieces from the internet?

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