weekend digestions 10.19.14

Congrats are in order for me and the rest of my classmates in the Sports Communication and Media program: we have officially finished the first module of our graduate program!

WHAT’S UP! We killin’ it.
Sure, there were sleepless nights, pizza binges, and brief freak-out sessions (involving jumping up from the couch and yelling while doing an angry dance – after I typed this out, I realized that it isn’t that random), but we survived. I have three semi-decent videos to my name, some actual broadcast journalism experience, and I even color commentated my first game two days ago!
Whew. It’s been an insane amount of work, sweat, and candy, but hey…
To get me through this past week, I’ve been consistently on daydream mode of far away places with some SERIOUS wanderlust. Peru has been on my mind a ridiculous amount – I miss the Amazon, the animals, the beaches, my partner-in-crime, attempting to speak Spanish, and – god help me – I miss those crazy kids.
So here’s how I spent my weekend before starting Module 2.
These 14 reasons why a puppy is better than a boyfriend. I couldn’t agree more with any of these.
This blogger’s recap of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. AKA the MECAA OF BEER. I CAN’T. ALL THE BEER, ALL THE GLORY.
These 10 cities to go to for a White Christmas – from Aspen, CO to Prague, Czech Republic. Cue Bing Crosby’s hauntingly beautiful voice here…
These yoga poses to do for that inevitable hangover after a too-much-fun weekend. Oh Lawd thank you, FitSugar.
These five destinations worth escaping to for the winter holidays. Can we just go now, please? K thanks.
Where’s your next adventure?
Where would you spend your dream holiday vacation?
Tweet ’em to me @jujubeekennedy!
As for me, I’ll continue daydreaming, and counting down the days until Manhattan morphs into a winter wonderland. Like, look at this picture… HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE?!
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