weekend digestions 10.12.14

It was all about Instagram this weekend. You know you follow too many celebs / companies / photographers / harry potter fan accounts when you barely see the posts that your actual friends make.

But I was more than knee deep into this social media channel – I was face deep. In efforts to keep up and see every instagram of the weekend, I was constantly checking and burning the battery on my phone (which then died on a way-too-long bike ride, #whoops). In this whole process, I’ve found some people that I realized I don’t want to follow anymore, and have since been able to clear my feed a bit.

I also found some posts that I am actually obsessed with. So here’s what I was diggin’ this weekend:

These leggings found on Style Runner’s instagram. Can’t. Just can’t with the bad assery of them.

These pics of the adorable Lauren Conrad from LC Lauren Conrad’s instagram, pretending to do lines like she’s in detention. Which was basically my life 5th grade through 8th, except cleaning bathrooms instead. Oh, and I had braces, wore a size 10.5 (mens) Air Force Ones, and refused to blow dry my hair, only putting it in a wet, low bun every single day. Just let that visual sit with you for a moment… Welp. I’ll let the inaccuracy of this photo slide, LC, but only because you look flawless doing it.


This instagram account I just discovered that is basically perfection: Urban Outfitters Upstate. But let’s be honest – every Urban Outfitters instagram is the casual cabin-hoppin’, sweater-wearin’, city-boppin’ life that we love to stalk.

And to wrap it all up, here’s one of my insta-shots from this weekend. I participated in a bike ride called Ride Ataxia that raises awareness and money for research for Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare genetic disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system. A good friend of mine who I attended University of Portland with, Sam Bridgman, was diagnosed when he was 15, and has since been a strong part of the FA community. It was seriously awesome to see him kickin’ ass in this ride, also to be a part of the FAmily for a day – truly genuine people, with big hearts and crazy chicken costumes. Great to see you in Philly, Sammy!

What were your favorite instagrams from this weekend?
Who do you follow who’s photos you always love?


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