Week 2 Part 2: Family Friends and Froyo

Welcome to Part 2!

So last weekend, I actually had some crazy-wonderful family friends in town from the Yak-city, the Plaths. Our families have long, long time known each other, so it was comforting to see some familiar faces. I met them for lunch at Otto Enoteca, my first Italian meal in the city.

It didn’t disappoint. Of course, I had to go with the classic spaghetti. No judgement.

Here’s the leader of the Plath clan, Janie! She was kind enough to share her delicious ravioli.

Margherita pizza!

Sarah, the baby of the clan, was the lucky one with the margherita pizza. NOM.

After a delicious lunch, we became hungry for an adventure, and decided to walk the High Line, so we took a cab over to the Meatpacking district. Before walking the High Line, we were parched for delicious liquids, so we ordered a delicious pitcher of drank. I’m not entirely too sure what the exact name of the place was, but it’s outside the Standard Hotel.

Cool statue, bro.

Oh hey Whitney!!! I feel like I’m on The City.

Here’s the group of girls on the High Line: I’m here with Marianne (Sarah’s cousin), Marianne’s friend Alex from home (Yakima!), and Sarah.

The Plath girls!

The High Line was a treat… even though we were only on it for ten minutes haha. A great way to escape in a crazy city that never greens.

We walked around a little in Union Square area after the High Line.

Been seeing these froyo to-go trucks all over the city, and I couldn’t endure their taunts any longer! I caved.

And wow. Let me tell you. This is probably the best thing since sliced bread. If you have not had nutella yet…. You have not lived.
Stay tuned for Part 3!

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