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It’s crazy the amount of things that can happen in just a few months. I’ve moved from rainy Portland, OR, back to desert Yakima, WA. I went to Hawaii with an insanely awesome group of friends, where I then lost my wallet (for the third time). I got an insane call the day I got my wisdom teeth out informing me that I was going to be spending the summer in Peru.

I had a crazy week in Colorado with some incredible fellow trip leaders and then spent July and part of August south of the equator in the colorful country of Peru. I returned for a couple days in Colorado, flew back to good ol’ Washington, packed my life away and moved across the country to Fairfield, Connecticut.

… DANG. Even I can barely wrap my head around everything I have done this summer. I’ve been one lucky gal these past few months and I’m psyched to see what the rest of the year entails. Until then: updates!

28. Work for one of my dream companies.

Somehow, some people really liked me and have hired me to intern for them… and it’s kinda insanely awesome. More to come on this later. 🙂

40. Attend as many concerts as possible.

Since my triple whammy in October 2013 (Jack Johnson, Dave Chappelle, and Timeflies), I’ve since seen Andy Grammar (in April 2014), American Authors, The Script, and OneRepublic (all at the OneRepublic concert in June 2014).

51. Live outside the West Coast for at least one year.

Welcome to Connecticut! It’s been almost a week of East Coast living for this gal. I’m out here going to graduate school at Sacred Heart University for Sports Broadcasting with one of my good friends from University of Portland, SK. It’s gonna be a crazy year out here in New England with a ton of adventures!

59. Social media free Sunday.

More like social media free weeks! Not only did I have a solid week of no social media in mountains of Colorado, but also a few times in Peru when we had limited wifi, I just would put my phone away for days at a time and live completely in the moment. It was glorious and amazing and actually difficult to return to the world of complete transparency.

74. Renew my CPR certification.

In order to be as fantastic of a trip leader as possible, we had to get CPR and Wilderness Responder certified, you know, in case the children decided to get too rowdy and injure themselves in some sort of way. Now I’m CPR and WFR certified, what’s up! Take me exploring, and I’ll make sure we stay alive.

99. Travel as much as possible.

I won’t count moving back to Yakima as travel, but I will count my week in Colorado for Bold Earth Staff Training, my seven weeks in Peru, and my big move to the East Coast for the next year (hello, Connecticut).

What did y’all do this summer? Tell me, so I may live vicariously through you!

photo sources
new haven, ct
aloha – taken by me
group shot – taken by me

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