update on 101 in 1001: hair, kitties, and photos

Slow progress is better than no progress, right? Welp, that’s just what I’m gonna keep telling myself since I have been moving at a literal snail’s pace with finishing my 101 things in 1001 days list. There are actually quite a few things that I am in the middle of completing… but for now, here are the things I have definitely finished.

31. Star in my own show! I would be chill with cohosting a show as well.

My roommate Slaine and I had been wanting to launch our own show at our university, a weekly update show about all things Sacred Heart University Pioneer Athletics. Then Slaine came up with an amazing idea: a sports talk show with a dash of humor and sass! And, of course, two kick ass hosts. Therefore, I am cohosting the new Pioneer Sports Report alongside my classmate Luke Hetrick, with Slaine directing / producing, and many of our other classmates as cameramen and stage manager. (Follow our Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!)

photo cred: Manny Santiago

42. Figure out how to style my hair, so I’ll actually want to do it every day!

If you didn’t notice in the photo above, look now – I chopped 6 inches off my hair! GAD! I’ve been wanting to cut a bit off for a while now, but was terrified, as the last time I cut my hair it was my sophomore year of high school and I was still fairly hideous. But I figured, since I know how to use a blow dryer now, it couldn’t be half that bad. And voila! I chopped it, and am trying out a new middle part (yikes!).

64. Get a dog. And a cat. And maybe something else too. Don’t act like you’re surprised by this.

So… still working on that dog part. But I think two kittens will suffice for now! I’m basically obsessed with Russell and Wilson – they keep me young. Uh, god luv ya.

94. Get a photo I’ve taken blown up and framed for my bedroom.

Can’t help but to say I feel as fancy as Iggy Azalea seeing my own photo nicely hung on our wall! I feel for realz like a real photog. The photo I had blown up was one of my favorite shots of Merlo Field, the stadium at University of Portland where the soccer teams play. Slaine and I wanted a shot of UP that could help us feel close to our alma mater, and also one of the sports there – we are, after all, in a Sports Media and Communications program.

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