Two Weeks…

As quickly as I filled my plate with plenty of browns and sat down to devour all of it, this Thanksgiving weekend similarly (and quite stealthily, I might add) slipped on by quite fast, and much to my dismay.
The one redeeming quality of a holiday gone too fast is the fact that it means there are only two weeks left until winter break. Only two weeks left of my last fall semester, ever. Only two weeks until my last true vacation, before I thrust myself into the chaotic, promising, terrifying, beautiful and (probably) misleading real world, in which I no longer will have a fall semester as a safety net if my summer doesn’t go the way I plan, or if I miss all of my friends from school, or if I still, after all this time, am really trying to figure out where I would best fit in this noisy world.
#Sorrynotsorry for the run-on sentence.
When spring semester looks me right in my pale face (no thanks to the lack of sun) and forces my hand, I’ll be a force to be reckoned with.
But until then, just leave me to my ignorant bliss of senior year, and the countdown of two weeks until I’m given an entire month off by the amazing people of University of Portland to avoid learning anything and solely focus on dog-playing, snow ball fights, and unhealthy, copious amounts of delicious holiday food – not to mention challenging my record on Netflix of five seasons of one show watched in two weeks.
Can you guess which one?
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