traveling #girlboss: 10 wander-lustful adventures to be had

You know you’re suffering from Peru withdrawals when you wake up from an iPhone alarm, and are pissed that it’s not the screeches of macaw parrots or a tarantula scare.

Yup, it’s that bad. When ya start wishing for a tarantula scare.

So it’s pretty obvious that I’m also suffering from a pretty bad bout of wanderlust & the traveling bug as well. I can’t help but imagine myself cheering beers in Germany at Oktoberfest or riding camels across the desert in Morocco or island hopping in Greece and Croatia.

Warning to all those who follow me on Pinterest: be prepared for an overload of images of these insane locations for the next few days (AKA until I find myself in one of these places), because one of these 8 will undoubtedly be my next adventure.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic: While studying abroad my sophomore year of college in Salzburg, Austria, some buddies and myself trained off to Prague for a weekend  – and it wasn’t NEARLY enough time. Ideally, I’ll return next time in the winter, AKA this wonderland below.

     image via pinterest
  2. Marrakech, Morocco: Ever since a trip to Epcot a few years ago, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of actually seeing Morocco in real life. Camel rides, desert adventures, wearing epically awesome and flowy clothing (that are realistically probably just gonna be my basketball shorts).

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  3. Islands of Croatia: Dubruvnik, Split, Mljet – they’re not all easy to pronounce, but hey: blue waters, historic cities, and a poppin’ nightlife? Obviously, duh, and already there.


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  4. Chiang Mai and Phuket, Thailand: Just look at the photo below. How can you NOT want to actually experience the Chiang Mai Yi Peng Festival?! Exactly. You can’t not. Double negative. Wouldn’t mind bringing my very own Flynn Rider to have a Tangled-esque moment… plus, the island of Phuket is absolutely breathtaking, plus has tons of awesome outdoorsy things to do.
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  5. Berlin, Germany: Another country that I briefly (and I mean briefly: like one day spent here) visited while studying abroad in college, but that I know I would be absolutely obsessed with if I had the chance to go again. We had visited Munich, so next up is Berlin: can’t even begin to write down how many things you can do in this sweet city!


    image via
  6. Kruger National Park, South Africa: My favorite animal by far is a lion, and the idea of going on a safari or even just having the chance to see a wild lion, or elephant, or giraffe, or any of those similar animals, gets me crazy excited. Just look at this lil guy!


    image via
  7. Islands of Greece: From Mykonos to Santorini to Naxos (shoutout to my high school religion teacher’s dog, who was named after this island and is one of my favorite furry friends), each island of Greece has its own wonders and awesomeness to offer. History, scenery, and nightlife all rolled into one country.

    image via
  8. Sydney, Australia: Since Australia just happens to also be it’s own continent, you gotta tackle it one city at a time. Sydney itself has an insane amount of things to do, and I need to fulfill my Finding Nemo destiny. Also kangaroos.

    image via
  9. Copenhagen, Denmark: delicious coffee, a schmorgesbord of delicious food, and gorgeous canals around every corner? Yeah. Where my taste buds will be happy, I will be happy. Not that I’ll be tasting the water in the canals.


    image via
  10. Paris, France: I’ve only spent a day exploring Paris, and it was not even nearly enough time. I took French for five years and it feels dearly wasted every second I’m not in this beautiful city, let alone country.
Where will your next adventure take you?
What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?
Sound off in the comments or tweet me @jujubeekennedy

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