Top 8 Underrated Moments From The Bachelor Season 16 Premiere

Tonight was the night, am I right?

Tears, waterfalls, bathroom yells, boat rides, alcohol, and lots of making out. Why do we watch this show again?

Oh yeah, for the possibility of watching as two extremely good-looking, mid-twenties people that ABC producers personally hand-picked to fall in love.

Most viewers get caught up in the typical drama – one girl breaks a nail and blames another lady, the Bachelor smiles at one of them and the others plot to kill her – but I often find myself stuck thinking about the smaller things that deserve appreciation. So here they are: the top 8 underrated moments from this season of The Bachelor’s premiere!


  1. The Sean Lowe > Juan Pabs mentorship: seriously beautiful. Just two good lookin’ guys chatting with one another casually on national TV. Plus, Sean’s warnings about the crazy chicks. They’re just like two frat boys! And let’s be honest, we would all party at their frat. Bonus: Sean’s story about his stanky-skunk-smelling dog, and how cleansing him with tomato juice at 2 am with Catherine was when he really knew he was in love with her… UM ADORBS.
  2. Any / all scenes with Juan Pabs’ daughter, Camila. I can’t get enough of her. “Papi! Papi!” Her putting Juan’s pocket square in his suit, him pushing her on the swing, really just everything.
  3. On the suit note: really just anytime Juan Pabs is in a suit. Enough said.
  4. Amy the massage therapist and her crazy eyes. Did anyone else catch those babies as they were showing her giving a guy a massage at the beginning?! I attempted searching for a screenshot online… to no prevail. I shan’t give up. We later got another shot of her crazy when she succeeded in getting Juan to take off his jacket… good thing that’s as far as it got.
  5. Juan Pabs’ run to the rescue when Bicycling-Piano-Girl was boarding the struggle bus. What a gentleman. Not to mention… I could watch him run many, many more times.
  6. The Brasilian Victoria – gotta root for the homegirl who shares my ethnicity! Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll make it too far, but I can only hope they speak more of their beautiful languages.
  7. Back to the beautiful mentorship – WHY DIDN’T WE JUST HAVE TWO HOURS OF SEAN AND JUAN?! I would be totally okay with that… The Sean & Juan Show – but Juan Pabs teaching Sean how to salsa is pure beauty. I’m obsessed.
  8. I must ask why the show’s producers would wait until the VERY LAST MINUTE to drop the most magical of moments onto the audience: SEAN AND JUAN BOTH SHIRTLESS. And no, my TV did not break. But I think my heart did. Catherine and whoever Juan picks… you are lucky crazies.

Who are your favorites from the premiere? Which lucky ladies do you think will make it to the final four?

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