Thursday Things #2

It’s that time again, mah peeps. These are the things that keep me up at night… especially #1.

Photo Credit: Joy the Baker
  1. These peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Just TRY and tell me that those babies don’t look absolutely delicious. NOM. To everyone who called me crazy for liking peanut butter and pickle sandwiches: I say HA! 
  2. These two new Essie nail polishes I just scored at Walgreens (who knew?!): Mint Candy Apple and After School Boy Blazer.
  3. This stationary / paper product company, Sugar Paper. Simple yet classy designs, plus, easy on the wallet. I’m pretty sure I’ll impulse buy this and this sooner than later. Not sorry.
  4. The Duchess of Cambridge. That’s right, Kate Middleton. With each week, I get more and more obsessed with her (how is this even possible? you ask. Oh. It’s possible). I just can’t get enough. (Cue Black Eyed Peas song.)
  5. This holiday! Because it is, after all, Halloween, my friends. Don’t let down your inner child by grouching around or refusing to share some Hallow’s Eve candy (or, even worse, scarfing it all in front of the poor children). Have a heart. And share those little morsels of joy. Or at least just watch Jimmy Kimmel’s “I Told My Kids We Ate Their Candy.” It’s pure genius.

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  • Literally counting the seconds down until I am reunited with beignets at Cafe du Monde. Until then, @zbstern & @kotakisaacs will do.
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