Thursday Things #5

My, oh my! Thursday, you gone and dealt me a crazy day. I can always tell when it’s especially crazy if I can’t even make time to think about what TV shows I’m gonna gorge myself on when I finally get home. It takes some serious time constraints to force Grey’s Anatomy and gorgeous Matt Bomer from White Collar out of my head on Thursdays.

You win this week, Thursday. But next week – battle royale!

Here are some of the things that kept the rest of my week sane:

  1. This real life, adorable, spectacled, black-haired boy named Harry Potter who mistakenly tried to travel to Hogwarts from Penn Station, NYC. Well, his real name isn’t Harry Potter, but it might as well have been, because he fits the part PERFECTLY! I’m dying of happiness. Seriously. Watch this now, it made my life. No exaggeration.
  2. This real life, adorable, superhero BatKid, that inspired the city of San Francisco to morph into Gotham for a day, just to celebrate his cancer going into remission. PRNewser, you did it again with another kick ass article. If that isn’t the best news you’ve ever heard, then put your hand up to your chest, on the left side, and make sure you still have a beating heart. Also, if you still hadn’t heard of this until now…. do you live under a rock? Like, actually?
  3. This photobomb that bests any other photobomb on any day of every single week of all time. Scrubs star Zach Braff casually cheesed in the background of a newlywed couple taking photos in the streets of NYC. And now I am forced to wonder… Zach, how are we not best friends yet?!
  4. These reading nooks. Seriously. Get. Me. There. NOW. With reading material to last me an apocalypse.
  5. This perfect relationship between a boy and his puppy. I think God himself molded these two from the same clay in efforts of having people die of happiness. BOOM I’M DEAD. A THOUSAND TIMES. #theoandbeau4ever

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