Thursday Things #3

Ermygawd guys.


I. just. can’t.

Happy Thursday, people!

  1. This blog post by PR Blonde about social listening. One of those totally obvious things that you don’t see/notice until other people point it out brilliantly for you (like the fact that Bob Saget and Stephen Colbert are basically twins… yup). Thanks, PR Blonde!
  2. These so-adorable-I’m-dying photobooth pictures of Cory, Topanga, and their beautiful (fake) children. I’m OB-sessed, to say the least. God himself could not have crafted a more beautiful TV sitcom family. Copanga 4ever.
  3. This bound-to-be-perfect biography about the perfect soon-to-be Queen, Kate Middleton, called Kate, the Future Queen. If for some reason you don’t already have ten million kajillion reasons to read this book, here are nine juicy scoops from the book by Vanity Fair. You’re welcome.
  4. This outfit by Barefoot Blonde – I basically own stock in thermals, that’s how much I love those babies. Love her pairing with the blacks, and the sweet red-brown boots to finish it off.
  5. This cat – more specifically, Grumpy cat’s visit to what could arguably be the worst place on Earth. Argument made by Grump cat. (PS – The “worst place ever” was Disneyland.)
  6. Speaking about cats – THESE CATS (and dogs). PEOPLE, THESE ARE CATS IN TIGHTS. ENOUGH SAID.

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