Thursday Things #8

At this point, you should definitely have the Christmas music on full-blast 24/7, most of your presents delicately wrapped and playfully snuck under the tree: there are only SIX days until Christmas!

My holiday break has been well spent already: with little to no schedule day to day, I’ve been able to catch up on necessary Netflix addictions (hellooo, Glee) and actually work out (hello, muscles!).

I’ve also been able to absolutely OWN the internet and scour for the best articles and stories out there from the past week. Here are the best of the best:

  1. These 51 Times J-Law Proved She Was Master of the Universe – because, let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure we’re the exact same person, and definitely would be best friends in real life. #teamjlaw
  2. The story about this amazing dog Miley, who was saved from the dump where she lived… literally, a dump. People are fantastic and inspiring, and I want to give fat hugs to those at Hope For Paws who rescued Miley. (If you need a good cry or are low on inspirational stories, then you definitely need to check out the Hope For Paws website.)
  3. These to-die-for outfits from the 1990 J.C. Penney Holiday Catalog – I’m all about that black velveteen and white satin dress. Comeback, anyone?
  4. These NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, gotta study up for when I make the big move over there after graduation!
  5. These awesomely iconic moments from 2013 that shall go down in history for the progression of feminism. #WomenPower!
  6. This ultimate Christmas cookies list. AKA everything you have EVER WANTED.
  7. These homemade marshmallows – Williams-Sonoma, you never fail to impress.
  8. These whipped ricotta pancakes with bittersweet chocolate and lemon glaze. Enough said.
  9. These dog Vines of 2013 were probably one of the best things to happen to me all month. I challenge you to disagree with me.
  10. These shocking truths about your twenties couldn’t be any more true. Especially the fact that dirty dishes stay dirty until you wash them. We live in a cruel, cruel world.
  11. These things that every college student wants this Christmas… Parents, take note, please and thank you. #bringnapsback
  12. And to finish this incredible list off: a truly touching and surprising advertisement that comes as a fresh reprieve from all of the ridiculous Christmas ads bombarding TV right now.

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  • Apparently “LET’S GO KNICKERS” is not an appropriate chant at Madison Square Garden because basketball players don’t like to be called underwear.
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