Thursday Things #1

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m an internet junkie. There is literally nothing about the internet that I don’t love (besides the obvious, like creepy people stalking you or stupidly mean comments on YouTube – come on people, MESSED UP!). Anything and everything on the internet is fair game for me to read and soak up and share with all of my friends who are willing enough to listen (or at least just pretend like their listening – either way, doesn’t matter).

Recently, I’ve found that there are a ridiculous amount of things that I just want to talk about, all hours of the day, and there is just not enough time (or friends) for me to spill my guts and opinions about all that great content.

So, naturally, I have decided to dedicate one day each week to the ridiculousness that I find invading my head at all times, in efforts to pour out all of the necessary (and completely unnecessary) information that I want to share with all you beautiful people.

  1. To put it eloquently, Conde Nast suckily eliminated all of their internships. What?! But it’s my dream to intern for VOGUE / Teen Vogue / Glamour / Golf Digest (but probably not)! Well, that time has passed. No use preparing your response for when your future editor would inevitably lecture you about the difference between blue and cerulean, or learning how to balance two trays of scalding hot coffee while fetching the latest collection from Oscar de la Renta. I weep as I type this… Condolences to all the others who feel like their dreams were stolen.
  2. Seriously loving this article on Her Campus today with 21 Reasons Why You Should Be Single in Your 20s. Sure, it sucks when you have to watch The Notebook by yourself, but did you really want to force your boyfriend to watch it with you anyways? I didn’t think so. If you’re a bird…
  3. …then I’m a bird, because Netflix always has your back. I can’t help but agree with every single point made by this other article on Her Campus, 16 Reasons Why Netflix is Better than Boys. Seriously. Just TRY and dispute any of this claims. You can’t.
  4. In my valiant efforts to become more fashion savvy (or at least get out of my basketball-pants-and-UGGS combo), I’ve been following a plethora of fashion bloggers. OBsessed with Atlantic Pacific’s prep school look. So fetch.
  5. I’m probably the farthest thing from being the next Martha Stewart – sure, I’m entertaining, but not in the hostessy type of way, where I was born to cook delicious meals, bake scrumptious goods, and literally serve things on a silver platter. But so help me, this fall will be a failure if I don’t make this sweet Halloween cocktail called the Poison Ivy.
  6. In greener news, the majority of Americans are now in favor of legalizing marijuana. Shocker? It should be! It’s the first time in history. Check out PRNewser for a graph and the official story.
  7. Literally OBSESSED with these tortoise sunglasses. Is it Christmas yet? But really? I first saw them while stalking Mackenzie Horan’s blog, paired with a sweet navy sweater with elbow patches. I can’t get enough of her style. 
  8. Happy World Series Games! Oh, you didn’t know it was the World Series already? Yeah, most people didn’t, because for the first time in a while, the SF Giants didn’t make it (and the entirety of California, plus all of the bandwagon fans, wept). Curious to know who the favorite is to win between the Saint Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox? Check out this social media infographic made by PRtini.
In other news, I came to the library to finish a take-home final with my roommate. I have been blogging. This addiction to the internet has to be good, right?

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