Thursday Things #10

These last two weeks of winter break have been barreling down on me like Lisa Love on Lauren Conrad after the fail at the Young Hollywood party. (Excuse the The Hills reference… I just acquired a HuluPlus account and it’s extremely dangerous.)

Enter my addiction to Buzzfeed and a very entertaining couple of weeks of information. So here it is folks, this week’s Thursday Things. Read them and (please don’t) weep.

image via Buzzfeed

  1. This basketball game that I would have done anything to attend… because the one and only JOSH HUTCHERSON SHOWED UP. YUP. See above picture for the reaction the crowd gave him when they saw him there. PURE MAGIC.
  2. These photos of your body when you’re pissed, annoyingly happy, in love, and basically any emotion you can think of. You know when it feels like your body is scorching hot when you’re flaming pissed? It’s because you actually are. The body is weird and awesome.
  3. The fact that I’m not alone in feeling like Ginny Weasley was absolutely slaughtered in the Harry Potter movies. It’s like saying that I hate my children when I admit fault with anything HP, but I can’t hold it in anymore… Poor Ginny.
  4. These 48 pictures of Kate Middleton waving hello/goodbye/does it even matter? No, it doesn’t. Because nothing else is this beautiful. Ever.
  5. This video of dogs who are literally TERRIFIED of cats. It’s the simple pleasures in life that are the sweetest. Plus the irony that the largest dogs are the most scarred by the process.
  6. These 20 reasons why a twentysomething would never last in a Hunger Games arena. #truth. Especially with #5 (thanks Gossip Girl and Scandal).
  7. This ELLE cover of Mindy Kaling. Enough said.
  8. These feelings that every college senior has in the spring. Have I told you already how much I love Buzzfeed? They know my life. Like, actually know it. Especially with #5, 8, and 24.
What were your favorite links from these last couple weeks?
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