the big bean of Lima, Peru

From the Andes mountains of the Lares Trek, to the beaches of Cerro Azul, to the bustling and colorful streets of Cusco, Peru has done nothing but create the most epic and awesome summer of my life thus far. It only feeds the energy that I get to share it with 9-10 jacked-on-life teens and one crazy awesome co-leader.

Alas, the summer is already half over, as we parted ways with our first batch of campers yesterday (come back, we miss you already!) and are prepping to greet the new ones tomorrow morn in Lima, Peru.

A look back on some of my favorite moments in this stupidly amazing country:

Alleyway in Cuscoooo!

In the Amazon, reppin Bold Earth!

Handstand on the Lares Trek.

Quiet little beach town of Cerro Azul.

The epic Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.

View from my tent on the Lares Trek.

High altitude futebol, ya know what I mean?

Mountain scenery in Ollantaytambo.

The most epic campsite you could ever even.

Catching llamas, taking names in Pisco.

Exploring history and culture in Lake Titikaka (Island of Taquile).

The sacred valley of the Incas.

Terraces of the Incas, and my kiddos!

My co-leader / Peru bestie and I gearin up for surf school in Cerro Azul.

Follow the blog of my next group (starting tomorrow!) here ( or stalk the adventures of my last group here (

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