That One Time When Karma Wasn’t a Bitch

Anyone who knows me knows that Sugar and I… we have a complicated history. We have broken up and made up far more times that I could even care to remember (often because I find that Sugar doesn’t always make me feel the best about myself). But none of that matters now because currently, we are most definitely together, and seeing each other quite often.
So when I arrived to the LGC office to be surprised by Sugar in the form of Rice Krispies – s’mores, Oreos, caramel, oh my! – our reunion was more than sweet.

YES, that is a mini s’more on top of that Rice Krispie. Sugar is so good to me sometimes.

But that wasn’t all Sugar had up it’s sleeve – hidden in a delicately wrapped box was more, macarons of every color and style!

Oh Sugar… I’ll never leave you again.

We look good together.

And yet – our affair was short lived. Back to the books we went, preparing for the next day’s shows and whatever they would bring with us. Zoe snatched a seat, so I snapped this pic of her lookin’ all profesh.

After a mini arts-n-crafts sesh at 2 AM, we retired to our beds to rest for the next day…

 Which brought insanity, as expected. BRING IT ON, NYFW!

Not one, but two shows once again greeted us in the same day: the ADEAM presentation (taking place in the Box, similar to Trina Turk), and the Nanette Lepore runway show (taking place in the Stage).

Inspiration for ADEAM’s Spring / Summer 2014 came from a relaxed but classic tomboy feel. Which appealed to me for obvious reasons.

Gettin’ excited folks: I had the power to do ANYTHING (with this highlighter on this paper, duh).

Let’s be honest. This is probably one of the scariest people I have ever seen in my life, with my real eyes, in person. Ever. Give this girl some Berry Sour Patch kids or something, pronto.

Our transition to the Nanette Lepore show happened quickly after the close of the ADEAM presentation.

And because of the Michael Kors show happening next door, I casually walked by Katie Holmes. WHAT! Can I just say that she is way taller in person than she looks in the tabloids? Like… No wonder her and Tommy Cruise broke up. She’s probably five inches taller than him.

Miraculously, I landed myself the gig of being a VIP intern, meaning I would be the one walking VIP guests to their seats on the runway. WHAT AGAIN! Probably because of my extensive knowledge of who’s who and why they are a “who” (so a big HAHA to all those people out there who think my encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture will lead me nowhere – look at me now!).

There was only one problem – we (Zoe and I) couldn’t seem to locate the woman we needed to report to in oder to do this most special of tasks.

Eventually, I took it upon myself to find the woman and force her to give me celebrities (not really, I was just going to ask nicely).

And somehow, before I knew it, I was walking Margarita Levieva and Gabriel Mann (respectively Amanda Clarke and Nolan Ross) of the TV show Revenge to their front row seats.

I have never been more proud of myself before in my life. Not once did I gawk, stare, or even ASK FOR A PICTURE with them! Come on, people. That’s like me staring at Berry Sour Patch Kids and a Dr. Pepper, and saying, “Nah, I don’t need those anymore.” IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN. I have found my calling.

And, as fate would have it, karma smiled upon me, happy with the way I had handled myself in this situation.




Thanks, karma. You know, you aren’t always a bitch. What a bad rep you have.
The rest of the show provided for even more celeb stalking, as the front row was filled with not only other actresses and actors, but bloggers, stylists, and even Olympians.

If you look close enough, you can see in the middle section, first row, third from the right – that’s Nastia Liukin, Olympic Gymnast and Gold Medalist!

Seen in this section, front row, is Aimee Song from Song of Style, Kelly Framel from The Glamourai, Jamie Beck from Ann Street Studio, and Adrienne Bailon, one of the members of the Cheetah Girls and 3LW! Talk about some fantastic music. (Not being sarcastic.)

Just behind them is Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea, and the Beckerman sisters (the two blondes) from Beckerman Bite Plate.

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