Strike a Pose: Behind the Scenes at a Photoshoot

Sometimes you have to make your own opportunities. Other times, they come up and bite you in the ass.
And while my ass has surely recovered, I do not regret at all being bit.
Enough awkward banter… the real reason for this blog post is the incredible opportunity that was presented to me last Tuesday. Before leaving for the end of the day, I met briefly with my supervisors to check-in and double check that there was nothing else that needed to be done before I left. That’s when Amanda let me know that one of the designers we represent was shooting her fall/winter 2013 lookbook the next day, and she needed an extra hand on set. Amanda said that she told the designer that she knew an intern who would absolutely love to be on set and help out – that was me!
I was sent the call sheet for the show, and informed that the call time for the shoot the next day was 6:30… in the morning.
And I enthusiastically said I would be there at 6:30, on the dot!
Amanda graciously understood that it was a god-awful time, and didn’t blame me if I didn’t want to show up that early. If I wanted, I could email the designer, and let her know the time that I would be able to come in.
But when else am I going to get the opportunity to assist on a photo shoot for one of our clients?? I’m assuming never (it could be often, but I don’t think so).
I was already super juiced to go, and even though the call time was earlier than I woke up for school in high school, I wasn’t going to let it dampen my mood.
And it was the best decision I made yet. First, because I stared at this view all day.

The shoot was taking place in Brooklyn Heights, providing me and everyone else there for the shoot with an unbelievably gorgeous view of downtown Manhattan. I’m jealous of myself right now, looking back at these pictures.

I arrived promptly at 6:30 AM (with the help of a taxi, of course; no way in hell was I going to be able to figure out the subway system that early in the morning, my poor brain would be DOA for the rest of the day). The models arrived soon after, and started getting into hair and makeup.

Along with another intern, I had to unpack, arrange, and organize all of the things that could potentially be used in the shoot, so that everything was at the ready for the designer to pull if she wanted to use it. We put all the shoes out and taped the bottoms of all of them as well – gotta save money where you can, and here, we were planning on returning as money pairs as we can. Sneaky!

All of the stuff in this room was brought from either the showroom, or the designer’s house to assist with the shoot.

The first place we shot was ON THE ROOF! Every rap singer in history would have been gettin’ crazy with me up there in excitement.

Creepin’ on the neighbors roof below. Pretty sweet setup, bro.

From the roof, we had the most supreme view of Manhattan. That’s the Freedom Tower to the right, the tallest building in this skyline. Also pictured here is essentially everyone who was working together on the shoot to make it happen: the photographer, his assistants, the makeup artists, the designer, her assistant, and the models.

Getting set up for the shot!

The Brooklyn Bridge!

In between shots, either the designer, her assistant, or even I (yay!) would run quickly over to the model if anything needed fixing: one side of the collar was wrong, the pants tucked weird, the tape on the bottom of the shoe was coming off, etc, etc. Meanwhile, the photographer would check out the mot recent shot on his computer, and see if he liked the settings / liked the pose. Most of the time, he didn’t. Very picky.

Never would have known how much work and equipment (and thousands – literally – of photos) went into each carefully selected and directed shot.

After shooting on the roof, we moved down to the Brooklyn Promenade.

I sent fellow intern Zoe a few pics from the shoot as I was getting them – and she sent them to the social media guru Kelsi at LGC! A few of my pictures made it onto the LGC Instagram!

We also shot by some historic brownstones. I could definitely live here one day.

Here, you can see the designer herself! She’s directing the models as to how she would like them to pose in the next shot.

We had a surprise visitor on set, who was just so captivating, the photographer had to use her for a few shots.

She was a natural, and honestly, it was a little embarrassing – she was showing up the other models who had been there all day.

Plus, it just made the shoot even better than it already was. Thanks for stopping by, Marney!

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