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Oh September. You yield such an immaculate bounty, year after year. I really can’t think of any other month that brings as many goodies as you do:
  • Fresh apples
  • Football and soccer season
  • The beginning of fall foliage
  • The cooling of the sweltering summer paired with the crisping of the early fall air
  • A solid reason to stalk autumn-themed Pinterest boards, including (but not limited to) anything even remotely pumpkin flavored, scarves on scared on scarves, and cliche fall quotes
  • A legit excuse to break out my infamous combo: sweatshirt, basketball shorts, and UGGs. #noshame
So I spent September celebrating all of those: the end of summer, the beginning of fall, and everything in between.

It was my first full month living on the East Coast, and it didn’t disappoint. I remembered fall in Portland, visited my friend Chuck’s house (which just happens to be ON A LAKE, yeah), #tbt’d to my summer in Machu Picchu, and spent a day at the Fairfield beach with my Bold Earth friend, Erin.

Since moving to the east coast, something I am most excited for is to witness New York City in the fall, in all of it’s autumn glory. My roommate Slaine and I have a Sunday trip to the city planned, to root on our Seahawks in a Seattle-themed bar, and you best believe we gonna be having our own little photo shoot while there (get ready, Central Park).

I filmed my first project to officially start my broadcast journalism masters degree at Sacred Heart University (view it here!), as well as starred in Slaine’s video (view it here!), fell even more in love with my man(hattan), had another throwback to my time in Peru (pictured bottom left: the Lares Trek), and celebrated my favorite couple of all time when news broke that Kate is pregnant with her second child!

I broke out my favorite jacket from Aritzia, and tried my luck in their #fallforus giveaway. I didn’t win… but hey. I got this sweet #ootd out of it.

I got fired up in two very different ways: about my Olympics Production internship starting at NBC Sports, and about the appalling behavior of the NFL (GET IT TOGETHER). I admired the view from the Bridgeport train station, and I ADOPTED KITTENS with Slaine! #proudkittycatowners

I locked my keys inside my car for the first time in a few months (#soproud #killinit), expanded my library, and experienced the first true signs of fall here in Connecticut.

And obviously, to reign in the best month of the year, on the 29th I celebrated my 23rd birthday, the big 2-3. And while for a brief moment I may have freaked out a little bit (I’ll be 30 in only SEVEN YEARS PEOPLE), it helped me look back on my 22nd year with some of the best memories of my entire life.
Nobody likes you when you’re 23? Blink 182, you may be wrong about one thing, because this birthday reminded me of all the incredible people I’m surrounded by. Shoutout to all of you: you are the freakin’ best. You have to be, in order to put up with my never-ending Harry Potter debates, bucky-toothed Snapchats, and addiction to Dr. Pepper and sour candy.
Here’s to twenty-three!

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