Service with a Smile

Whether your mood was as bipolar as Portland’s weather today, or as happy as the sunshine we thought we got a glimpse of, this video will put a smile on your face. Guaranteed.
Why can’t all society be like this? Because let’s be honest – all you really need is breakfast, lunch, and hugs. Seriously.
And no day is ever complete without a dance-off. How awesome would it be if everyone was this excited to go into work? It’s almost criminal, how enthusiastic Tim is about owning his restaurant and – of course – giving out some pretty killer hugs.

I absolutely love pieces / videos like these. It forces me to take a step back and really look at my life, and remind myself how beautiful it is (and also how cheesy I sound). We live in a kick-ass country, filled with inspiring and incredible people, who want nothing more than to simply make this place a better home for everyone to live in.

And while I feel like videos similar to these often have the potential to make us feel bad about our lives (cue tweets from #firstworldproblems) and how much we take for granted, it instead only heightens the appreciation we all (should) have regarding where we are in life. It has never been more true than today that no matter what your skin color, gender, sexual orientation, mental abilities, ethnicity, and so on, if we want to do something, we can.

And we will.

So cheers to Tim! You rock. Hugs all around!

PS: Congrats on all of your Olympic medals – Michael Phelps got nothin’ on you.

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