Revolutions for 2014


You know that moment when you realize you never made New Year Resolutions?

No? You don’t? Well that definitely happened to me.

I spent so much time asking other people what they had decided to focus on or reach for during 2014, and when someone finally asked me back what I had planned, I realized that I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. #Embarrassing.

So when I stumbled across this photo on Pinterest (from the lovely Thyme is Honey), I decided then and there that those would suffice for 2014. And I’m not one bit ashamed that I probably share the exact same resolutions that about 1200 other Pinterest users have decided on. Meh, I’m over it.

What are your 2014 goals, aspirations, resolutions? I’d love to get more ideas. Or maybe what I need is a revolution….

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Julia Jean Kennedy

Julia Jean Kennedy

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  • Apparently “LET’S GO KNICKERS” is not an appropriate chant at Madison Square Garden because basketball players don’t like to be called underwear.
  • lol bye 2017. as terrifyingly as you started, you turned out pretty rad, and now it’s time to take on 2018. LESS GEAUX



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