Play-By-Play of a PR Intern’s Day

First and foremost – I must admit, I am borrowing this post idea from my dear friend and fellow intern, Dakota Isaacs. Not only is she also writing an exquisite and phenomenal blog, but she is doing it with flair! So if you’re yearning for even more insight into a PR intern’s daily shenanigans, check out Diaries of Serendipity. You won’t be disappointed.

Moving on.

I fear I have an unfair amount of personal posts on here and not enough career/internship oriented ones. Thus, this post will feature the play-by-play of my day today at Linda Gaunt Communications! Try to follow along please, dear readers.

7:25 am – First alarm goes off. ‘Tis ignored.

7:35 am – Second alarm goes off. ‘Tis also ignored.

7:45 am – Third alarm goes off. Thrice ignored.

7:55 am – Fourth alarm goes off. Fourth time is not the charm. I drag myself out of bed.

8:40 am – I have finished showering and blow-drying my hair. I realize that today is Trendy Tuesday (as dubbed by us LGC interns), and yet, I have nothing trendy. Lauren Conrad pops into my head, telling me to braid my hair, similarly to how she does it in the last few seasons of The Hills. I listen to the LC in my head.

8:45 am – I realize that while I have braided my bangs on the right side of my head many a times (and, if I can toot my own horn here, pretty darn good at it), my left side proves to be somewhat of a challenge.

9:06 am – I finally leave for my long walk to work. It’s hotter than Channing Tatum in Magic Mike (or, let’s be honest with ourselves here, Channing Tatum in anything… or nothing at all) out here.

9:28 am – Made it on time! I’m a boss.

9:40 am – Maggie, one of the LGC girls I’ve been assigned to, asks me to change all of the Maggy Frances items from white wooden hangers to black velvet ones, in preparation for press day tomorrow, when tons of editors will come in to check out all of our collections. EXCITING!

10:00 am – We receive some sample returns of ATM from Seventeen Magazine, so I log onto FashionGPS to log them back in, then hang them back up on the ATM rack.

10:45 am – Women’s Wear Daily has credited Hunter Boot in their issue this morning, so I cut it out of the newspaper and scan the clips. After scanning the clips, I slip them into a clear casing and file it into the Hunter Boot credits binder, then put the scans into a Word doc. Later in the day, this clip will be converted to PDF, then sent to our client (Hunter Boot), who will then potentially put it on their website.

11:25 am – There are a ton of samples that still haven’t been returned, so I check all those that haven’t been and send emails to their contacts, asking for the samples to be returned. I attach photos of each item, and ask if they can be returned to the office today. Some of the samples, the Maggy Frances ones, have to returned ASAP – they need to shoot their FW13 lookbook! This’ll be awhile.

12:13 pm – People like me! I mean. People have emailed me back! VOGUE Magazine has a few Maggy Frances samples packed up and ready to be picked up. I call the messenger service to have them  picked up and delivered to the Linda Gaunt Communications office.

12:55 pm – VOGUE sends us a request for a few ATM tees and sweaters, for their cover shoot of their September issue, featuring a very dashing pirate / elf. Watch out for that issue 🙂 I’ll be the first to creepily say… I TOUCHED THOSE T-SHIRTS!

1:30 pm – I am famished. The computer mouse looks crunchy and delicious. Before I can devour it, fellow interns Zoe and Dakota suggest grabbing lunch. I gladly oblige.

2:10 pm – We finish eating lunch, and Maggie alerts me that the new Holiday Resort collection for ATM has arrived. I take up shop in the back room and unload all of the new items for the collection. After organizing the men’s and women’s collection by style, then color, I take the steamer to the clothes and steam my life away. (Note: the steamer leaks. A LOT. I go through an entire roll of paper towels… the Portlander in me is disappointed.)

3:30 pm – I check all the paparazzi websites for celebs wearing our clothes / sunglasses / boots. Sometimes this is an excuse to read my celeb gossip. I do not complain. Miley Cyrus is always at the top of every page. For this, I complain. A lot.

4:00 pm – Maggie and Amanda want to gift a few fashion editors at Refinery29 with some ATM t-shirts (literally the softest things you’ll ever feel in your life, buy one here), so I grab the ATM gifting things and get to work. I wrap each t-shirt with black tissue paper, then seal it with ATM stickers, and slip them into special ATM black shopping bags. Then I get all sorts of fancy, and tie the card onto the bag with a nice blue ribbon.

4:45 pm – I silently slip away to the back closet / room, where my paradise awaits – all the magazines! This has been an ongoing project for me, reorganizing all of the magazines in alphabetical order, and getting rid of any duplicates / issues older than 12 months ago, in order to free up some space in the small closet / room for eventual other issues of magazines. This is actually my not-so-guilty pleasure. It weirdly relaxes and comforts me.

5:45 pm – I saunter back over to our intern cubicle to start cleaning up and getting ready to go. My specific intern duty is to make sure the Keurig is always full of water and ready to be brewed.

6:08 pm – The interns have finally finished cleaning up, and we make our way towards the elevator, wishing everyone a good rest of their night as we go. I casually pass out in the elevator.

What do you do for a mini-break during your internship? Do you have a favorite room or task that relaxes you?

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