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a look back: 22

When counting down the days until my 21st birthday, I had the most ridiculous high-hopes. I thought fo SHO that the big 2-1 was going to be my best birthday yet, and that the year ahead had nothing but crazy awesome memories waiting for me (read: tons of candy, Dr. Pepper, hanging out with ...

domestic violence awareness

This week’s installment of “weekend digestions” comes with a theme: domestic violence awareness. As a strong, bad-ass, independent, self-sufficient woman, even I recognize that domestic abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere – no matter how strong they seem. Whether ...

snaps of september

Oh September. You yield such an immaculate bounty, year after year. I really can’t think of any other month that brings as many goodies as you do: Fresh apples Football and soccer season The beginning of fall foliage The cooling of the sweltering summer paired with the crisping of the ...

weekend digestions 9.28.14

Nobody likes you when you’re 23…. except all of the lovely people who wished me happy birthday today! So shoutout to everyone who gave a shoutout to me on this here day of my birth. 23 doesn’t seem so bad when I have such incredible friends. #blessed (not used ironically) My ...

harry potter alum & bad ass women: review for how to get away with murder

Dayum. I should have expected it, with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal¬†having the cult followings that they do and both being favorite TV shows of mine, that Shondaland would completely kill it (pun intended) in the pilot episode of How to Get Away With Murder. It has all the makings of a ...

weekend digestions 9.21.14

A day late, but hey – this weekend was a busy one. Because… WE ADOPTED KITTENS! REAL LIFE. follow the kittens on instagram¬†@russellandwilson! As my roommate Slaine and I are huge Seahawks fans, we decided to name them Russell and Wilson. Next step: get actual Russell Wilson to ...

what the hell is going on with the NFL & domestic violence?

Often, I am an annoyingly upbeat person. My positive attitude not only keeps me afloat, but is what drives me and inspires me. I take pride in the fact that almost nothing can throw me off my game or make me a negative person. But these last couple weeks have, for real, been struggles. I […]

weekend digestions 9.14.14

This week was a trying one, my friends. From the suicide of my iPhone on Tuesday (Bacon dove into a porta pottie after a few tough years together… RIP) to my soccer team’s loss today on the pitch (5-1… but hey, I scored the sole goal we had! woo!), I needed some wins. Not to ...

morning with my MANhattan

A very specific skill set I own is I’m able to rationalize almost anything. Bag of candy for dinner? It’s delicious and nutritious (not really)! Chipotle for the fourth day in a row? It’s cheaper than going to the school’s cafeteria every day! Obviously, 99.9% of my ...

weekend digestions 9.7.14

While last weekend was the perfect lazy weekend you could ever ask for (ah thank ya, Labor Day), this weekend was hectic as ever. Graduate school is finally kickin’ in, and SK and I finally have some super awesome projects to work on (AKA practice for our inevitable tv shows that ...

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Julia Jean Kennedy

Julia Jean Kennedy

Preferring basketball over barbies, travel over tutus, and almost any chatter that could somehow relate back to Harry Potter, Julia is always game for a beer and an impromptu booking of a ticket to a game, country, or even the latest Fast and Furious movie. Here, find random thoughts, tidbits about trips, and occasionally Seattle Seahawks propaganda.

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