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Twitter Roundup: The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 1

Easily one of the best parts of every new year is a new The Bachelor season. Ridiculous tears, romantic getaways, and the snarkiest tweets you ever did read. Last year, I did weekly recaps of each episode, but (surprisingly) grad school does not afford the free time that undergrad did. So ...

rising #girlboss bookclub: #GIRLBOSS

WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD… One thing I thought I would have more time for in graduate school was reading, because I was obviously way too busy during undergrad making time for Netflix, candy / pop runs to the store, and other generally important things. What I didn’t realize was that ...

weekend digestions 12.14.14

Another week, another dose of weekend digestions. Let’s get to it! But first… a snapshot of my cats. Wearing festive Christmas outfits. Believe it or not… they were not completely opposed. This article about the last sequential date in our century… aka, last date that ...

weekend digestions 12.7.14

Another hectic week gone by, another week closer to Christmas. (TWO WEEKS AWAY GUYZ) It’s our final week of grad school for the year of 2014. Dayum. Wasn’t it just September?Cue that Dr. Suess quote, “How did it get so late so soon? / It’s night before it’s ...

update on 101 in 1001: hair, kitties, and photos

Slow progress is better than no progress, right? Welp, that’s just what I’m gonna keep telling myself since I have been moving at a literal snail’s pace with finishing my 101 things in 1001 days list. There are actually quite a few things that I am in the middle of ...

weekend digestions 11.30.14

Oh dear lawd. It has been twenty whole days since my last post because dayum, life gets busy. So I’ve got quite the collection of links for you to digest – which, understandably, could be difficult if you’re still reeling from this last Thursday. STAY STRONG, MY FRIENDS. And ...

weekend digestions 11.9.14

Another day, another Starbucks red cup. But seriously I finally got my first Holiday Cup (noticed I capitalized those letters?? Very Important.) and it was even more satisfying than I imagined. YAAASS. In other news, my weekend reading included lots of T-Swift and catcalling. This news anchor ...

weekend digestions 11.2.14

Hope all y’all are alive after this last weekend! Somehow I am, and I’m thanking the pumpkin banana bread that my roomie Slaine made. NOMS THO. There were some goodies on the internet this weekend – see all the brilliant bits below. Here’s my roommate and I as Madonna ...

#tbt: 5 intern lessons from Lauren Conrad

In celebration of throwback Thursday, I thought I’d mix it up a bit and feature a post of mine that I wrote over a year and a half ago! Dayum. Can’t believe I’ve been blogging for that long. I’ll be adding a couple things here and there, and you’ll see those new ...

weekend digestions 10.26.14

This weekend was an exhausting but exciting one. My roomie Slaine and I trained to Manhattan on Saturday for a gal’s day spent in the city, obvi shopping and pretending like we were stars in “Gossip Girl.” Except the less expensive version. With beer and macaroni. First stop ...

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