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Twitter Roundup: The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 5

This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the Bachelor franchise – there were tears, crazy, and a possible murderer. What else could you ask for from a reality TV show?! And let me just say… I love my story. But that’s because I don’t have a tragically dead ...

happy (late) new year! 2014 in review

Happy Freakin New Year, ya filthy animals! Yeah yeah sure, I’m about a month late… sue me. Or rather, don’t, because I’m piss poor. But, boo ya grandpa! 2014 was a doozy. I can’t remember the last time I completely dominated anything quite like I did with these ...

weekend digestions 1.31.15 // super bowl XLIX edition

The day has almost come again. Tomorrow, my blessed Hawks of the Sea will battle in the deserts of Arizona against the Patriots of New England. It’s all come down to this, #HawkNation. Time to go into Beast Mode and finish those hot-headed Pats off along with their small (foot) balls. ...

Twitter Roundup: The Bachelor Season 19 Ep 2

Another week, another night of Bachelor meltdowns (the best type of meltdown). Here are the best tweets from last night’s episode! “Did he smile or did he frown? Did he leave a note in your locker? Do you think he’s going to ask you to prom?” -McKenzie. #TheBachelor — ...

weekend blizzard digestions 1.26.15

The cold never bothered me anyway… until it became a legitimate blizzard and they closed the roads down and the winter storm was named Juno. I’ll be using this forced downtime to look out the window, longingly hoping for summer and a tan and when a piña colada / mai tai will be ...

7 shows that make you feel like you live in NYC with your best gals

I may live just a 1.5 hour train ride from the Big Apple (AKA 2 episodes of Gossip Girl), but I get stir-crazy more often than not in Connecticut and am literally counting down the days until I make my own big move to NYC. In order to pass the time until I am reunited […]

new year digestions 1.11.14

Happy New Year, #girlbosses! image via pinterest It’s 2015. Holy shiitake mushrooms, amirite? The year 2000 is as far away as the year 2030. And you can commence freaking out… now. Brb crying. This was the first year that I didn’t have any specific resolutions that I was ...

Twitter Roundup: The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 1

Easily one of the best parts of every new year is a new The Bachelor season. Ridiculous tears, romantic getaways, and the snarkiest tweets you ever did read. Last year, I did weekly recaps of each episode, but (surprisingly) grad school does not afford the free time that undergrad did. So ...

rising #girlboss bookclub: #GIRLBOSS

WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD… One thing I thought I would have more time for in graduate school was reading, because I was obviously way too busy during undergrad making time for Netflix, candy / pop runs to the store, and other generally important things. What I didn’t realize was that ...

weekend digestions 12.14.14

Another week, another dose of weekend digestions. Let’s get to it! But first… a snapshot of my cats. Wearing festive Christmas outfits. Believe it or not… they were not completely opposed. This article about the last sequential date in our century… aka, last date that ...

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Julia Jean Kennedy

Julia Jean Kennedy

Preferring basketball over barbies, travel over tutus, and almost any chatter that could somehow relate back to Harry Potter, Julia is always game for a beer and an impromptu booking of a ticket to a game, country, or even the latest Fast and Furious movie. Here, find random thoughts, tidbits about trips, and occasionally Seattle Seahawks propaganda.

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