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Week 2 Part 2: Family Friends and Froyo

Welcome to Part 2! So last weekend, I actually had some crazy-wonderful family friends in town from the Yak-city, the Plaths. Our families have long, long time known each other, so it was comforting to see some familiar faces. I met them for lunch at Otto Enoteca, my first Italian meal in the ...

Week 2 Part 1: Adventures in Chelsea, the Upper East Side, and the Hudson

Just when I thought it couldn’t get busier – this last week proved me wrong! Warning: this post will be part one of a few posts, documenting just second week of my time here in NYC. First thing’s first: I found a little Northwest in the Northeast and it made me wayy too happy. ...

Days in the Life of a PR Fashion Intern

Finally! I have received the green light from my intern supervisor and boss to blog about my daily shenanigans in the Linda Gaunt Communications office. Already, I find it hard to think back to my first day last Monday… I think I’m getting old. But more likely is my memory is still ...

How to Survive Your First Tropical Storm

Just kidding. But actually. In my first week in the city, we have already had a tropical storm with a flash flood warning! HOW BAD ASS IS THAT. I know. It’s awesome. I took this screenshot at work last Wednesday (or at least, I’m pretty sure it was Wednesday…), while we were ...

NYC Insta-Rambles Week 1

My first week in NYC has come and gone, but not without adventures! This city is challenging in so many ways, but in the best ways. Not only have I gone almost a week without candy (the horror!), but it’s definitely been a week since I last had an appointment with Dr. Pepper (although, ...

Battle Royale: Northwest vs. Northeast, and Wanderlust in the City

It didn’t take much time after landing at JFK Airport to realize that I was no longer in the Apple Capitol of the World (let alone Stumptown), but in the Big Apple.  From the buildings to the weather, from the people to the food, from the most noticeable and obvious differences ...

Let’s hear it for New York!

“Empire State of Mind” is consistently playing in my head – almost as if on loop – no matter if I’m speed walking down Madison towards work, or casually sauntering down Broadway home, or even struggling up 8th with my bag and a garment bag. When I occasionally belt ...

Now, You’re in New York

I’M HERE! (And be warned: this is a long post.) After many weeks of waiting and preparation and dog snuggling (not relevant, but important nonetheless), I am finally in the city they call The Big Apple. And while I don’t necessarily understand yet why “apple” is included ...

Memorial Day Weekend

For this Sunday post, I’ll make it short and sweet. This last week I was home, relaxing in Yak-town and enjoying some of my last stress free days of summer. This included snuggling with my dogs and watching a ton of Gossip Girl (in preparation for my summer in NYC, see? Obviously for ...

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