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A little bit of cheating on my 101…

Good and bad news, mah peeps. The good news is: I have been blessed and lucky enough to experience way more things in NYC than ever thought possible! Insert cheesy Anne Hathaway line here, “It finally happened!” The bad news is: I haven’t achieved half of the things that I ...

It’s a Party in the USA: Rooftop Bars and Hot Dogs

Happy Independence Day, you patriotic people. I hope you all spent the weekend knee-deep in hot dogs, fireworks, and sweat. If you didn’t, then what were you doing? Not celebrating America’s birthday in the most ‘Murica way, that’s what. As for me? I’ve been able ...

Ayyy Batta Batta

I have fallen behind! And this isn’t okay for me. Additionally, since Thursday is the FOURTH OF JULY (yay!), I really won’t be catching up anytime soon. So bear with me, my loyal-lapdogs, and read on for how I completed a couple more things off of my 101 things in 1001 days list ...

Adding to the 101

In a lot of ways, Portland and NYC are similar. For example, in Portland, when I casually walk home from class, thinking about the Pretty Little Liars episodes I needed to catch up on, I usually pass (correction: get passed by) no less than 3 runners – on a rainy day. In New York, I […]

Play-By-Play of a PR Intern’s Day

First and foremost – I must admit, I am borrowing this post idea from my dear friend and fellow intern, Dakota Isaacs. Not only is she also writing an exquisite and phenomenal blog, but she is doing it with flair! So if you’re yearning for even more insight into a PR intern’s ...

The Double C Weekend Part 2: Celebs

I needed an entirely separate post for this happening… because it was just too awesome. I know, I know, you thought, “But CANDY is the most awesome thing!” I thought so too. Then I met Wyclef Jean in a random Irish bar in Union Square.  What?! The night started with a ...

The Double C Weekend Part 1: Candy

Last weekend could be summed up into the ultimate weekend for me, because it included two of my favorite things: candy and celebrities. It was almost too awesome. But first! Last Thursday, we said goodbye to our wee lil high school intern, Elizabeth. It’s safe to say that I was nowhere ...

Learning the Ropes of an NYC PR Girl

I’m reaching the end of my third week here in the city, and therefore, the third week of my internship! And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying every minute of it. Not only am I learning tons about the world of fashion PR, but my fellow interns are pretty bad ass! […]

Only in New York

New York City has literally an unlimited amount of things to do. After being inspired by Design Darling, I decided to tackle a pretty large list: 101 things in 1001 days! I already decided on a few definite things about a month ago (see the post here!), specifically centered around ...

Week 2 Part 3: The High Line… Again!

Part 3 – finally! After this post I can finally move on with my life and actually update on what I’m doing currently, instead of what I’ve done a week ago. No trip to NYC is complete until you’ve had pizza… and that’s where I went with new friend Ashley on ...

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