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New York City has literally an unlimited amount of things to do. After being inspired by Design Darling, I decided to tackle a pretty large list: 101 things in 1001 days!

I already decided on a few definite things about a month ago (see the post here!), specifically centered around New York. I have since cultivated and grown my list, and thus, is what I shall now present to you!
The first six items I had already decided on, but here are all of them together:
  1. Come up with 101 things (still working on this).
  2. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty!
  3. Cheer on the most hated baseball team in history: the Yankees.
  4. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
  5. Chill at a rooftop bar / rooftop restaurant / rooftop anything!
  6. Experience the Mahattanhenge! (see below for amazingness that will blow your mind)
  7. Bring my best jazz hands to a show on Broadway.
  8. Snarf my face off at Dylan’s Candy Bar / FAO Schweetz.
  9. Pull some hair and fight dirty at a sample sale to get THAT garment.
  10. Look for my thick-eyebrowed Kennedy ancestors at Ellis Island.
  11. Go to a live taping of a late night show – oh hey, Jimmy Fallon!
  12. Meander over the Brooklyn Bridge.
  13. Arrive seemingly under-the-radar while someone sends Gossip Girl a photo of my arrival at Grand Central Station.
  14. Meet an editor-in-chief of a major publication… and die of happiness.
  15. Reflect and be thankful at Ground Zero.
  16. See / attend an awards show / stalk a red carpet. My creeper skills will be put to the ultimate test.
  17. Sit at the top of Pride Rock – I mean, the Rock. As in, Rockefeller Plaza!
  18. Be gay (as in happy) at the Gay Pride Parade!
  19. Sit above everyone on the steps at the Met. Maybe dump some yogurt on some peeps. Just kidding! I’m no monster.
  20. See as many celebrities / famous people as possible.
  21. Wake up at the break of dawn (or earlier) to see a concert on the Today Show!
So far, I’ve been able to already strike some things off the list! YEAH BUDDY! A few of these I’ll hopefully do multiple times, and will track each time I do.
8. Snarf my face off at Dylan’s Candy Bar / FAO Schweetz (June 15).
No words. No words. Just pure happiness.

Technically the above photo is from FAO Schwarz… but come on. It’s GIANT box of Nerds!

20. See as many celebrities / famous people as possible (June 15).
I’ve always thought Irish bars were the place to go – for the simple fact that all Irish people need is a glass of Guinness and they’re happy. When a group of friends and I went to Percy’s Tavern on Saturday, we expected some good beers and good company. But what we ended up getting was way more than we were prepared for!
Because Wycleaf Jean was casually hanging out in this bar as well. WYCLEF JEAN! Those in the bar (including myself) didn’t even really recognize him at first, his voice sounding familiar but not really connecting the dots. After stating that whoever was talking sounded a lot like Cee Lo Green or some other popular rapper, one of my friends had a revelation and yelled at me (barely heard), “THAT’S WYCLEF JEAN!” Before we were treated to a miniconcert by the rapper, he posed for a couple photos with us. Nice guy. Did you know he ran for President in Haiti?

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