NYC Insta-Rambles Week 1

My first week in NYC has come and gone, but not without adventures! This city is challenging in so many ways, but in the best ways. Not only have I gone almost a week without candy (the horror!), but it’s definitely been a week since I last had an appointment with Dr. Pepper (although, today I did have a brief meeting with him…). This leaves me torn: my body is ecstatic with the break from sugar and fructose, but my taste buds yearn for tangy, delicious sweets.
But, alas! Tis only been a week, and what a week it has been. This week’s Insta-Rambles mostly feature my new home and the mini-adventures I’ve been lucky to experience already.
The main photo is an easily recognizable landmark, Times Square! From New Year’s Eve to live viewings of the Tony Awards (which happened tonight!), Times Square is always a hot spot. 
Top right is the view from my airplane window flying into JFK airport. In the distance, if you look hard enough, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge just underneath the wing of the plane!
Below is the Flatiron Building, a pretty sweet architectural feat if you ask me.
The black and white is of the United States Post Office in Midtown – and honestly, was the most beautiful post office I’ve ever seen. Jealous. Come on Yakima / Portland, step up your mail game.
For a Throwback Thursday post, I picked one from my senior year of high school when a group of friends and I went to New Orleans for spring break to help repaint and repair some houses that still needed help after Hurricane Katrina. We had an incredible time meeting tons of new people, and experiencing the culture there in Nola! So it was almost a little inspiration for my trip to NYC.
I struggled while packing for the big city… a lot. If you can’t already tell from the photo. I had absolutely no idea how to pack, what to pack, where to pack it, why to pack it, if I should even pack it… it was crazy. I took over the living room to figure it out haha.
My first Italian meal was nothing less than stupendous  and let me tell you, I’m quite the expert by now on spaghetti. Some family friends from Yak-town were in the city for the weekend and invited me to lunch at Otto Enoteca, this cute little place at 1 5th Avenue. De-lish.
The last photo is – although a dark one – a good one. On Wednesday, I had time to myself after work, so I decided to take a little run (cough walk*) down to the Hudson. Along with stunning views, I was also greeted by extremely friendly people and even a nice little ducky. The story behind this photo? I had asked a woman a little earlier if she could get a picture of me by the water. She gladly obliged. About half an hour later, I was by the railing and there was a gorgeous sunset, and I had a tap on the shoulder. When I turned around, it was the same lady! And she goes, “You definitely want a picture here too, the sunset is much too pretty.” After she took the photo, she goes, “It’s a little dark, but you should definitely Instagram it.”
I followed her advice, obviously! Haha.
Now, for week 2…

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