Nice to See You, Autumn

Portland finally decided this last week that it would quit the multi-personality disorder and start acting like a real city adjusting to autumn. While September 30th brought a blackout in North Portland, October 1st welcomed the first crisp feelings of fall and finally allowed me to start layering clothes without sweating profusely during the day (thanks, memory, for never reminding me to wear deodorant).
Either way – whether it’s in hopes of ending smelly streak or watching the leaves change (or even an excuse to start eating holiday desserts a few months early), here are three fall trends that I’ve been clogging Pinterest up with (sorry to all those who follow me).

Plaid Scarves
When it comes to those multicolored lines and boxes, I can’t help myself – I’m a sucker for some sweet plaid. Easily one of the most underrated items in a closet, plaid scarves are ridiculously versatile. I’m psyched to try to look more put together than I actually am by throwing on one of these bad boys.
Grey Vests
Vests are a classic fall staple that not only are consistently dependable, but easily transferrable into your winter closet. While I’ve never seen a grey vest in person, I can’t help but notice that they are unavoidable on Pinterest to pair with, well, just about everything. From sweaters to chambray to plaid, they’re an easy layer to throw onto whatever lies in your closet.
Aztec-Printed Sweaters & Jackets
I resort to the same things every time I shop: neutrals, solids, and anything comfortable. Aztec-printed sweaters and jackets are a fantastic way to stay (sorta) within my typical shopping trip: I just replace the “neutrals” and “solids” adjectives with “multicolored” and “prints.” Easy enough, yeah? Plus, maybe I can take a swing at looking similar to Blake Lively… haha, just kidding. That will never happen.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be returning to Pinterest to stalk various other fall fashions. Follow my various boards (including my fashion board) here.

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