Let’s hear it for New York!

“Empire State of Mind” is consistently playing in my head – almost as if on loop – no matter if I’m speed walking down Madison towards work, or casually sauntering down Broadway home, or even struggling up 8th with my bag and a garment bag. When I occasionally belt out the lyrics myself, I’m not surprised to see passers-by turn in astonishment at my Alicia Keys-like voice (it’s uncanny, really).

I have now completed my third day of my internship (woot!) and am still alive (yup, just checked) after waking up before 8 am each of these days. You heard me, before 8 AM! And since I’m still adjusting to Eastern Standard Time, I have been finding myself exhausted at the end of each day, but unable to fall asleep until around midnight-ish, then waking up multiple times between then and 3 am (midnight Pacific time, which is normally when I head to bed).
But enough about my abnormal and sleepless nights – more about this concrete jungle that I’ll be residing in for the next few months!
Let me just start off by saying – I would be nowhere without my mother. Seriously. There is no possible way I could have moved over here without her glorious and merciful help, she is a lifesaver, a beacon of hope. Not only did she remember all the necessities that I would need while over here (toilet paper and soap, anyone?) but other items that make life infinitely easier for me (lamp, hangers, fan).
We started the day with – in my opinion – quite a superb view of the Empire State Building and an “Empire State of Mind” (see what I did there??), ready to take on the task of moving my extraneous amount of stuff into my single room in the New Yorker.
Which, of course, includes a little pick-me-up in the morning from a rather well-known coffee shop called Starbucks. You might have heard about it once or twice.
We checked in on the 17th floor of the New Yorker with EHS, the company that manages the dorms. Here’s a little bit about the company that I booked my room with:
  • EHS stands for Educational Housing Services
  • They provide housing at all times of the year for both students and interns
  • They have dorms – or in my case, a hotel that is partially converted into a dorm – all over NYC (including the Marymount Manhattan and the St. George Clark)
  • All rooms come with a TV (what up!) and their own bathroom (also pretty cool!)
  • Some of the buildings’ dorms have mini kitchens in each dorm room as well (missed out on that one)
So far, I’ve had excellent customer service and the RAs are all super chill, but let’s be honest: the most exciting part is that living in a hotel makes me feel like London on “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” (except I’m not the heir to the hotel I’m living in. Damn.).
I also applied to NYU student housing, but found that not only was it way more stressful and competitive than EHS housing (if you didn’t register for a room within 24 hours of registration opening, it is highly unlikely that you’ll receive housing from NYU, plus, if you do get a room, you could end up getting your very last choice of room type [single, double, triple, single and double together] and / or your last choice for dorm building [placing you inconveniently farthest from everything and everywhere you probably need to go]), but also just more annoying. After I registered, I had to wait 6 WEEKS to find out what dorm I was assigned to and what type of room I was given, and I was one of the lucky ones; some people waited six weeks just to find out that they didn’t even secure summer housing. With EHS, I literally found the website, read up on it to make sure it was a legit and safe company, saw what rooms were leftover in each building, and told them what type of room I wanted and where.
Literally twelve hours later, I had confirmation of a room in the New Yorker hotel for the summer. My fairy godmanager gifted me with promise and, as you’ll see below, a pretty fantastic room (disregard the dirty window).

Just a sweet side note: in his rom-com Definitely, Maybe, Ryan Renolds stays in the New Yorker when he comes to NYC for his internship. Holla at cho girl, Ryan.
Yay New Yorker!
Dirty windows are of no issue to me when the view is as incredible as this. I’m a lucky girl.
My mother, the saint – thanks for helping me unpack!

Of course, we had to make a run (or three) to the nearest department store in order to pick up a few necessary items, among them a fan, a brita, a lamp, paper towels, soap, a mini white board, toilet paper, tissues, and a bathroom mat (see picture below for a selfie with me and the new mat).

What we originally thought would just be one trip to the nearby K-Mart turned into three individual trips (within the store, mind you, because we kept remembering things as we were checking out).
We soon treated ourselves to a little lunch on a sweet rooftop restaurant called Lucy’s. People watching was at a prime here, because even though it is a rooftop restaurant, it’s only on the second story. Prime eavesdropping distance, really. Take it from a People Watching Expert.

After a much-needed refuel at Lucy’s, Mom and I went out into the city to make our way over to my future place of work. Walking down 34th, there were probably five Starbucks and 3 H&Ms in the four blocks between 8th and Madison. In-sane. And I thought Portlanders were coffee-obsessed. But other than the chain coffee, there were a ton of cool places that made me excited to know that I would be walking past them every day (unless I decide to go a different route!). These four blocks alone offer shopping (H&M, Macy’s, and Steve Madden, to name a few), food (tons of pubs! and lots of sushi and fro-yo… nom), and candy (street carts, 7-11s, Duane Reade’s, IT’S EVERYWHERE).

Drooling and window shopping aside, we made it to my future office! Well. The entrance. I knew the the Linda Gaunt Communications office is on the 9th floor (it was meant to be!), so I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to creep until the next day when I had my first day there.

I parted ways with my mom after dinner, and was greeted by a rather comforting dorm room that I am extremely excited to call “home” for the summer.

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