Let’s Get Buffed Up

Oh, the Bold West – it calls my name!
Not really, because states can’t speak, obvi.
But there’s something about Colorado that pulls me in – maybe it’s the high desert, or the dry weather, or the ridiculous amount of camo, but it reminds me of Yakima in more ways than one.
My roommate, K, is from Everett, CO, so my other roommate S and I decided we would follow her down to the Rockies to get a taste of life in Colorado (and of bison – which, BTW, is nothing short of delicious). Our last Fall Break at the University of Portland became #COLORADO2013!
Our first night, one of K’s friends picked us up at the airport, and we headed over to University of Colorado – Boulder, where I have a surprising amount of friends, including one from Yakima! What up Central Washington.

K, S, and I decided we would attempt blending into the Boulder scene and tried to look like students, but with a slight disadvantage – we were carrying fairly large cameras and giggling like we were seniors in high school checking out our future alma mater.

There’s a reason we aren’t studying to be in the FBI.

So, of course, we pretended like we were taking a photography course there, therefore, making it completely okay for us to be snap-happy on campus.

With such a gorgeous campus and ridiculously good looking people, I figured we needed to take advantage and get some pretty pictures.

Goofy pictures come with the package.


I have such a trendy roommate.

Of course, no matter where I go, I like to make new friends. This one just happened to be a large bison, of the metal kind. His name is Ralphie.

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