It’s Fall, Y’all

I was brainstorming blog post ideas the other day (not really), when I realized…

I haven’t updated my 101 Things in 1001 Days list (inspired by Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling’s list) in LITERALLY YEARS.

Well, not literally, but might as well have been.

I have still been working on the list, both completing items (high-five! [said in your best Borat voice]) and adding items (still taking awhile). I’ll be updating with more in-depth posts with each updated item, but until then, here is the updated list, with both new and completed items.

  1. Come up with 101 things (still working on this, don’t judge me).
  2. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty! 
  3. Cheer on the most hated baseball team in history: the Yankees. (July 2013)
  4. Go to the top of the Empire State Building. 
  5. Chill at a rooftop bar / rooftop restaurant / rooftop anything! (July 2013)
  6. Experience the Mahattanhenge!
  7. Bring my best jazz hands to a show on Broadway. 
  8. Snarf my face off at Dylan’s Candy Bar / FAO Schweetz. (June 2013)
  9. Pull some hair and fight dirty at a sample sale to get THAT garment. 
  10. Look for my thick-eyebrowed Kennedy ancestors at Ellis Island. 
  11. Go to a live taping of a late night show – oh hey, Jimmy Fallon! 
  12. Meander over the Brooklyn Bridge. 
  13. Arrive seemingly under-the-radar while someone sends Gossip Girl a photo of my arrival at Grand Central Station. 
  14. Meet an editor-in-chief of a major publication… and die of happiness. 
  15. Reflect and be thankful at Ground Zero. (to be updated!)
  16. See / attend an awards show / stalk a red carpet. My creeper skills will be put to the ultimate test. 
  17. Sit at the top of Pride Rock – I mean, the Rock. As in, Rockefeller Plaza! 
  18. Be gay (as in happy) at the Gay Pride Parade! 
  19. Sit above everyone on the steps at the Met. Maybe dump some yogurt on some peeps. Just kidding! I’m no monster. 
  20. See as many celebrities / famous people as possible. (June 2013, to be updated!)
  21. Wake up at the break of dawn (or earlier) to see a concert on the Today Show! (June 2013)
  22. Devour a hot dog at Coney Island. (July 2013)  
  23. Get high (in the sky, that is) and take a helicopter ride around Manhattan. (July 2013)
  24. Co-star in a mini-photo shoot. (July 2013)
  25. Get a photo with every single apple around NYC – the baseball apples! (July 2013, to be updated!)
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Here be the newbies I have added to the list, a result of accumulating them over the months but forgetting to add them to the official list, resulting in some of them having been completed already!

26. Invest in a classic handbag. It’ll make me look more professional, as I’m told.
27. Move into my first apartment. Buy a dog / cat immediately.
28. Work for one of my dream magazines. RUNWAY, anyone?
29. Invest in business/contact cards. (July 2013, to be updated!)
30. Interview a celebrity! 
31. Get my first byline in a major magazine! 
32. Attend at least one show at New York Fashion Week. (to be updated!)
33. Drink my heart out… with one Smart Water bottle a day for a month.
34. Regain my athlete status by working out at least five times a week. (to be updated!)
35. Find/do a beauty routine that works for me and reflects who I am.
36. Invest in ten great coffee table books. They’re just too pretty.
37. Read five novels that are considered “classic,”… apparently, Harry Potter doesn’t count yet. LIES.
38. Invest in white skinnies. Attempt to keep them white no matter what, a la Megan Fox in Transformers 2.
39. See Queen B, Ms. James Carter, Beyonce in concert (or just even in real life).  Die happy.
40. Get reading glasses. They’ll make me look smarter.
41. Figure out how to style my hair, so I’ll actually want to shower and do it every day.
42. Find my signature scent.
43. Have a friend take portraits of me (and maybe a few without the “Julia” pose… not likely, but possible).
44. Attend a horse race or polo match.
45. Get my samba on and sip caipirinhas when I visit my relatives in Brasil.
46. Post an “Outfit of the Day” blog post that isn’t 100% awkward.
47. Participate in a flash mob, of the dancing type.
48. Learn how to play guitar. (to be updated!)
49. Make a giant breakfast meal! See: EPIC MEAL TIME.
50. Aprenda a falar Português.
51. Launch an interview series for my blog.
52. Go crazy and create an inspiration board for my wall that would shame even the most seasoned of Pinterest pinners.
53. Go to Vegas with friends!
54. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished. I shall be RICH! Kinda.
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And last, but certainly not least:
101. Still regularly update this blog at the end of the 1001 days.
PS – I love you.
Hahaha, JK, peeps. But seriously, PS – can you tell I’m psyched that it’s fall?

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