Something I’ve seen done a TON on other blogs is a weekly blog post featuring the blogger’s most recent Instagram photos. Tracking your life week by week? So smart! I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what I did earlier this week.

So, for my first riveting Instagram related post, I’ll go through the last couple weeks from this gorgeous month of May!

This was a shot I grabbed on the way back from the Old Spaghetti Factory, heading back up I-5 towards NoPo. Portland is stunning.

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Some of Jack’s friends took us bouldering at a place called The Circuit in Southwest Portland. Got some mad muscles while there, obvi.

2. Ended up having my last final, ENG 311 Advanced Writing, at the Twilight Room, a local bar in North Portland. Best part? My professor was a priest!

3. A snapshot of Jack and I outside the second happiest place on earth – the first obviously being the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida, and the second being the Old Spaghetti Factory – that our friend Natalie got of us. She’s a photog natural.

4. While dining at the Widmer Brewery with Jack, we casually ran into our dear old friend, Guy Fieri, who we enjoy seeing every other day of the week… on our television screen. Just about peed my pants when I realized there is only one guy in the world who has continued to frost his tips since 1995. Thanks for the pic, Guy!

5. Took a much needed break from the bubble that is NoPo when my friend Natalie took me and some others out to a lake near her house for some boating. Nothing says “summer is here!” more than a trip to any type of body of water (besides the toilet). Tip of the hat to Nats’ dad, Dr. Dub, who not only pushed me in the water once, not even twice, but thrice!

6. After blowing out a tire only ten miles out from my house in Yakima at the end of a long trip from Portland, Jack and I had an incredibly humbling experience when a random stranger took the time to pull over and help us replace the blown out tire. Not only had he worked for Les Schwab for 10 years (talk about good luck!), but he refused to let us offer anything to repay the favor, only asked that in the future, we pay it forward. We shall, good sir, we shall. Because of his kind deed, we were able to make it to a old friend of mine’s wedding party! Congrats, Taylor, on your new hubs! 🙂

7. The night before the big race, Mom put us up in fancy-schmancy hotel, The Nines! Pretty sweet hook-up, if you ask me. The couch and I became fast friends.

8. Morning of what could potentially be both a very proud day and a very painful day for me; the Portland Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon! I contemplated whether my corral was the Valley of Death or Victory Lane…

9. … and it ended up being both! One of the most grueling and painful things I have ever done, but can’t say I’m not proud of myself for finishing it alive and without suffering a fake heart attack. Plus. Learned that my mom is in way better shape than me. I haven’t decided yet if this is impressive or insulting… maybe both.

What have you been doing this May?

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