Funny Girl

I think Barbara Streisand would agree with me – I’m a funny girl.

And I don’t mean that in the humorous sense (although, if I can toot my own horn here, I do think I’m pretty frickin’ funny). I think I’m funny in the weird, quirky way – I’m not too predictable (unless it comes to Harry Potter), I sometimes have odd and irrational behavior (excuse my impulsive Sour Patch Kids addiction), and I make weird sounds and faces with my mouth (I have no explanation for this).

Maybe weirdest of all – I am a 21-year-old who feels sexiest and most comfortable when in baggy basketball shorts, UGG boots, and my Nike jacket. If I were given the chance, nine times out of ten (and probably more than that), I would choose the exact outfit I just described over an expensive or designer outfit.

So I think it’s funny that I am interning for a fashion PR company, and know little to nothing about fashion.

It’s not that I’m not interested – I think the fashion world is not only incredibly intimidating (thanks, The Devil Wears Prada), but incredibly hard working. They literally mold and create some of the most influential things in our lives – from artwork and trends, to movies and culture, fashion shapes us no matter where we are.

We can’t escape it!

And it’s because of this reason that I am most excited to intern for a fashion PR firm. I need something that not only forces me out of my comfort zone (and out of my favorite baggy blue sweatpants – my mother will be happy!), but that also forces me to reevaluate the way that I present myself to others.

I haven’t really ever been forced outside of my comfort zone (unless you count the multiple times my brothers shoved me under a chair and then proceeded to sit on it [read: me] for an extended period of time). University of Portland was an extremely comfortable choice of school for me. It was not only in the Pacific Northwest, but only 3 hours from home, and I already knew some people there.

There have been times when I want to get out of my comfort zone – I absolutely love traveling (anywhere, really) because it presents completely new views and outlooks on life. It every sense (pun intended) it forces your brain to be working in new ways, troubleshooting in different tactics, and literally smelling the roses in a different way.

With a “West Coast is the Best Coast” vibe, I’ll be thrown into East Coast culture, their way of life, how they communicate, how they get things done – there’s a reason the West Coast and the East Coast are so far away from each other, and it’s because we live life entirely different from our peers on the Atlantic.

I will be forced to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes (cheesy, but true) – and even though they won’t be my favorited Ugg boots, they’ll soon become just as worn in.

Barbara Streisand would be proud.

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Julia Jean Kennedy

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