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This week’s installment of “weekend digestions” comes with a theme: domestic violence awareness. As a strong, bad-ass, independent, self-sufficient woman, even I recognize that domestic abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere – no matter how strong they seem.

Whether it’s happened to you, a friend, or a family member, there are always resources and people you can turn to for help, no matter what the circumstance. Here are some of the resources I hope you turn to!

This article that I teamed up with The HBIC Project to write in order to raise awareness about the stigma around domestic abuse. You are the epitome of bad ass, and it’s okay to reach out for help if – and when – you need it. You got it, sista!
This website called, which is designed to bring together every major domestic violence and sexual assault organization in the US in efforts to gain greater awareness and action to end the aforementioned.
This foundation that Russell Wilson founded after revealing that he, himself, used to be a bully – and a bad one. It all starts with his “Pass the Peace”: you donate $2 or more to the donation (all funds being sent to the National Domestic Violence Hotline), then you “Pass the Peace” to a friend, raising awareness and impact. Could I fall any more in love with him? I don’t know if it’s possible. (Learn more about it here.)
This organization, HeForShe, backed by Emma Watson (I’m sure you’ve seen her incredible speech – if not, read about it / watch it here) makes the obvious point that gender equality shouldn’t be a one-gender battle. It isn’t centered on domestic abuse awareness, but domestic abuse stems from gender inequality and the inaccurate idea that women are a lesser sex. Because WE FUCKIN’ ROCK.
You #risinggirlbosses deserve more than what you’re dealt – never fear taking charge of the life that you were born to live. After all: WWBD (what would Beyonce do)?

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