dog days of summer are over

This is easily the quickest a summer has ever gone by for me. Maybe because spring didn’t come until May in Connecticut, or that once June hit, it’s been nonstop.

From finally walking the Brooklyn Bridge to officially moving to NYC.

It’s October people. OCTOBER.

My 101 things in 1001 days list has a few more strikethroughs – read on to see what I’ve completed.

9. Graduate with my Masters degree. (August 2015)

We friggin’ did it. We moved to Connecticut without having visited once, kicked grad school’s ass for a whole year, and then earned our degrees one year after our journey began in Sports Communication and Media from Sacred Heart University. So glad I could do it with one of my best friend’s by my side.

12. Meander over Brooklyn Bridge. (July 2015)

My favorite little being from the trips I lead in Peru last year came to visit me when I moved to NYC, and it gave me all the reason I needed to be a tourist in my new home. There was absolutely no shame in bridge selfies, standing in the middle and disrupting people walking to get the perfect shot, and lots of open-mouthed gaping at the views.

17. Sit at the top of Pride Rock – I mean, Rockefeller Center! (July 2015)

Top of the Rock -- Rising #GIRLBOSS

After the Brooklyn Bridge meander, we hit up the Top of the Rock for some sweet sunset views of the concrete jungle. Every. moment. worth. it.

19. Sit above everyone on the steps at the Met. Maybe dump some yogurt on some peeps. (July 2015) & 86. Visit a new museum. This could go hand in hand with #19 (which it did – The Met!).

China: Through the Looking Glass

This was my favorite piece when we went into the Met — it certainly made up for not having a true Blair Waldorf moment to dump yogurt on minions. It’s currently being shown in the “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibit.

27. Move into my first apartment in NYC. (July 2015)

It wasn’t long before we started dressing like each other. #officialnewyorkers

40. Attend as many concerts as possible. (June & August 2015)

Matt and Kim

In June, Slaine and I made a gals trip up to see Sarah in Rhode Island, for a Matt and Kim concert in Providence. Talk about a friggin’ good time. It also happened to be Kim’s birthday, and she was born in Rhodie!

Zac Brown Band Concert

Brendan surprised me with tickets to go to the Zac Brown Band in Hershey, PA, in August. We turned it into a whole weekend of Pennsylvania fun (who knew PA could be a good time?).

62. Go to a music festival. (September 2015)

Boston Calling 2015

Boston Calling, Alt-J.

To cap off a summer of concerts, the end of September brought one last push for killer music. Once again, Brendan with the win: he grabbed tickets to Boston Calling for my birthday, where we saw not just one or two, but four bands perform. Walk the Moon, Chromeo, Chvrches, and the headliner, Alt-J. (Read more about it here.)

88. Join a soccer or basketball league that I can commit to, and re-become the athlete I used to be. (September 2015)

East River Park soccer league.

Upon moving to the city, I realized I had run out of excuses for not joining any leagues. Here I am, in the most populated city in the country, and there is no way there aren’t a surplus amount of leagues I can join. So there ya have it: I am now on Team Blue Barbarians for NYSoccer.

Damn, this summer was busy. I warmly welcome you, fall.


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