Days in the Life of a PR Fashion Intern

Finally! I have received the green light from my intern supervisor and boss to blog about my daily shenanigans in the Linda Gaunt Communications office. Already, I find it hard to think back to my first day last Monday… I think I’m getting old.

But more likely is my memory is still just terrible.

Either way! Time to delve into the riveting time I’ve had at so far at the office. Besides the monsoon that greeted me on my first day (it was insanity outside. Literally. Umbrellas on umbrellas on umbrellas.), weather hasn’t been too bad, and I’ve been able to do tons of things so far!

I had to become a speed walker in order to attempt to get to the office semi-dry (I failed, at both the speed walking and the attempting to be semi-dry).

I snapped this picture later in the week, when it wasn’t a tropical storm outside. My new workplace! Well, not really – the office is on the 9th floor. My lucky number what up!

Us interns have our own little corner in the office. There are 6 of us, so it gets pretty crowded, but there’s never a lonely moment, that’s for sure.

So far, duties have included:

  • Scanning magazines and websites for credits of the clients that we represent to clip
  • Using FashionGPS to check garments and items in and out of the system
  • Packing up garments and items to ship to magazines for photo shoots
  • (Literally) running various errands for people in the office around NYC, such as buying magazines, picking up garment bags, and dropping packages off at UPS/FedEx
It’s been a learning experience every day, seeing the inside of how a successful fashion PR company manages all of their clients and seeing the behind-the-scenes.
But it’s nothing compared to the reaction I have when I actually think about some of the things I am doing.
My pits start sweating, my heart starts racing, my adrenaline gets going, and I start mindlessly talking about sour candy or the fact that my pits are sweating profusely. My bodily reactions almost can’t be trusted when I start thinking about how directly related we are to so many spreads we’ll see in magazines in the fall. I think I’m starting to scare the other interns – I have said, “I would poop my pants if that happened!” more times than not.
But come on. Packing up dresses that are being sent to an actress for a premiere? I die. Every time.
Why wouldn’t I?
Highlights so far include:
  • As already mentioned, packing up dresses and sending them to an actress on a popular TV show for her various events she had to attend, including a premiere! (I’ll spill the deets in a few days 🙂 )
  • Packing up and sending garments to a popular women’s fashion magazine for a photo shoot with a very well-loved actress
  • Baked by Melissa cupcakes. Seriously. AH-mazing. They’re mini cupcakes! And when I say mini, I mean mini. Like bite size.
Photo Credit
  • Going to the Sachin + Babi Showroom to pick up a garment bag; they have a sweet office!

  • Being assigned a team to and specific clients to work with! I’ll be helping out with Maggy Frances, ATM, Todd Snyder, Balmain Eyewear, and Hunter Boots (thank God I’m from Portland!)
  • Being surrounded by a wall of magazines. I cry sometimes. So beautiful.
More to come on specific things I’m doing later. For now, here are some more shots of the LGC office! Thanks to fellow intern Sara for this shot of Zoe and I!

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