Buttercup the Goat Goes to Kenneth Cole

My body is weird. I consistently need more than 10 hours of sleep or I physically can’t function the next day. Just… no. It doesn’t work. Literally imagine a zombie. Now, put that zombie in basketball shorts and UGGS. That’s me. 
But something weird happens when I get less than 5 hours of sleep. From the minute my alarm goes off, my adrenaline immediately kicks in and I can literally feel my neurons firing ten bajillion times a second. Approximately. I’m not unlike that baby goat Buttercup when she’s “playing” with her “friends.”
So instead of UGG-basketball-shorts-wearing-Zombie-me, some psycho-adrenaline-filled-crazy with eagle vision took over my body on Day 2 of NYFW.
Look at me in the picture below. It’s 8 AM. And MY EYES ARE OPEN PEOPLE. AND I’M SMILING.

Literally unheard of.

Moving on.

Zoe and I arrived to the LGC office and got to workin’ and doing last minute preparation for the shows of that day, Kenneth Cole (a presentation) and Jen Kao (a runway show). My pop-culture encyclopedia (AKA my mind) was put to the task creating a VIP face book for the Kenneth Cole show. A face book essentially consists of a thumbnail of whoever the VIP is, and a text box below with their name, occupation, and what they are known for.

For example, below you’ll see Nigel Barker. His text box reads “Nigel Barker, Photographer, America’s Next Top Model.” Self-explanatory. If you couldn’t complete Nigel Barker’s information without the internet… Go watch TV. NOW. Educate yourself.

Soon after finishing the face book, Alex and I inherited a few iPads that we had to download EventsGPS onto for the Jen Kao show. For the best accuracy, iPads (instead of printed off check in lists) were used to check those invited to the show in.

Around 10:30, we left for the Kenneth Cole presentation. Because was off-site, it wasn’t included in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but was still a part of New York Fashion Week.

Because Kenneth Cole was a presentation and not a fashion show, there were various stages set up at the venue for the models to stand. There was also a runway, but it was primarily used for the models to get from one side to the other.

See all the screens? Kenneth Cole is famously known (not always in a good way) for his use of social media. He encouraged the models to be Tweeting, Instagramming, and Vining during the presentation.

Most of the female models had their hair done in inside-out french braids (and a few of the male models too!).

You can call me, Julia Jean, the Model-Bouncer Queen. Not really. But kinda. Because I did have to guard access to the runway stage.

We reported back to the office after Kenneth Cole, and began filtering through the chunks of social media clips left for us, not only by all the models tagging #KennethCole, but the press there for interviews, the hair and makeup artists, all of the PR representatives, and of course, all of those who were actually invited to the presentation.
Additionally, it was up to the LGC firm to take care of filtering through the 200 photos taken of each look at Kenneth Cole, pick the best one, and send out all of the looks to popular PR and fashion websites for them to post and blog about. (You can view the final shots here, here, and here.)
But this is New York Fashion Week, and too much time can’t be dedicated to one task – onto the next! We had to start finalizing seating charts and VIP lists for the two shows the next day: Trina Turk (presentation) and Ralph Rucci (runway show).
Another late night was in store, but with Twinkies, intern-partner-in-crime Zoe, and encouraging / inspiring texts from Janet Stern (Zoe’s mom!), there was no complaining to be had. #campLGC

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