All Hail Queen Wintour

Even with flurries of retirement rumors as often as flurries in NYC during the winter, Anna Wintour still owns the fashion and magazine industry. The infamous bob-and-bangs Editor-in-Chief didn’t just set a spark when she first took over in 1998 – she lit a wildfire of fashion and trends, ultimately becoming Queen of the industry.

From starting the trend of putting celebrities on magazine covers instead of models, to putting the first African-American woman on the cover of the infamous September issue (Naomi Campbell), Ms. Wintour setting trends is like Kim Kardashian making headlines – it happens so often and so consistently that people begin to expect it.

The reign of the monarch of magazines has only gained momentum – just a week ago, she was named Conde Nast’s Artistic Director (a job created specifically for Wintour). Her stunning eye for fashion and style will now extend to the entirety of the company’s publications, in order to “shape its artistic inspiration and innovation across all platforms.

Congrats, Anna Wintour! And let us all continue to bow down to Her Majesty and the empire she has built.

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